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Alexander the Great - Macedonski. Poland connection?

jon357 74 | 22,054
11 Aug 2017 #241

Yes, the country is Macedonia.

and they spoke Doric

And in Northern England they once spoke Cumbric, in Washington they once spoke Algonquian. It means nothing.
11 Aug 2017 #242
Kingdom of Macedonia

...only Macedonian history...
Macedonia existed only once in history as a country

jon357 74 | 22,054
11 Aug 2017 #243
And it exists now as a country. The capital is Skopje.
Crow 155 | 9,025
11 Aug 2017 #244
He says until the Roman Empire...

You mistaking. Netanyahu said `Roman Republic`. It was era of Roman civilization when Roman Kingdom was overthrown. Its traditionally dated to 509 BC, and ending in 27 BC what led to establishment of Roman Empire.

Netanyahu here refers to something what Serbians already knew and Jews know, considering that we have records of our contacts when both Sarmatians and Jews were subjugated by Romans. What is new here is that Jews and Israel finally refuse to stay silent on this period of our shared history, no matter that western Europe denying Slavic antiquity, for political reasons (especially now in episode of Greater Albania).

Roman Empire is after "kingdom of Macedonian"

Yes. Macedonia (every Sarmatian- ie Slavic creation) is older then Roman Empire. Sarmatians walked and ruled Europe when God din`t even had plans for Romans.
11 Aug 2017 #245
...PM Netanyahu's meeting with Serbian PM Aleksandar Vučić and praise Slavic antiquity

As PM says" in the roman time come the Slavic people to Balkan"

South Slavic people
Crow 155 | 9,025
11 Aug 2017 #246
That history on wiki didn`t wrote Slavs. It would be re-written. With facts
11 Aug 2017 #247
Roman republic or Empire came to east in after the Greeks.

Slavic people reached Roman Empire in Balkan in 600bc.
11 Aug 2017 #248
The name slaves comes from the Latin word Sclavo that means "One who is not a free man, a slave"
Serb canes from the Latin word of "Service"
In Slavic the letter V writes B.
So slave and Serb is the same thing
11 Aug 2017 #249
Monkey-donians is of Slavic Bulgarian heritage.

If u are Macedonians try to explain Macedonian names such words as

When u call Thessaloniki for Solun, that explains everything, that U are last with the least power on Balkan.
11 Aug 2017 #250
-ski, -ov, -ev is slavic. It's the same name endings that u will find in name from Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Czech.

Proof of FYROMians is of slavic heritage. Not that is anything wrong with that.
Just don't try to steal other people history and call yourselfs Macedonians. Just call yourself VARDAR BADOVINIANS as u called yourself befor WW1
11 Aug 2017 #251
...a I meant before WW2. VARDAR Banovina
11 Aug 2017 #252
Crow 155 | 9,025
21 Aug 2017 #253

Macedonia is, after Croatia, one more South Slavic country that effectively stops to be Slavic country. Albanians starting to be main factor within Macedonia, while in Croatia, germanized elite and citizens represent ruling establishment (with Nazism as societal ideology). I would also remind auditorium here that Bosnia-Herzegovina still represent Slavic country only thanks to fact that Serbians have significant number and influence there thru their own autonomous region- Serb Republic within country. When Serbians there separate from Bosnia-Herzegovina, what remain of country would be controlled by Bosnian Muslims (former Christian-Orthodox Serbs) and Croats (former old Catholic Serbs and forcible converted Orthodox Serbs, same as population of entire Croatia), where Nazi Islam represent dominant societal ideology.

So, what remained of Slavic South are countries of Bulgarians, Slovenians and Serbians.

We should talk about Poland's history here
30 Aug 2017 #254
Stealing is not development.

Vardar Banovinians are not Macedonians.
Macedonian today is not a country. ITs a REGION.
Macedonian in ancient belongs into the Greek history. Greek language, Greek gods, Greek culture. Alexander the Great is not a balkan-boy.

FYROM should call itself FYROVB.
Former Yugoslavian REPUBLIC of VARDAR Banovinian.

Stealing is not to develope, it's a crime.
Be proud of what u are. SAY "WE ARE SLAVIC AND WE ARE PROUD". Nothing to be a shame of.


Balkan-boy-"developers" says "Salon or Solun". Proof of Last in power with the last developed language.

The origin Macedonian name for the city is THESSALONIKI.
Thessaloniki is typical characteristic Macedonian name. The city name means something.

Monkeydonians says "SOLUN"...the word don't mean nothing in there language.

Greece says THESSALONIKI and still, even today in modern Greek you can understand what the word means.

Solunians...thieves.. an-alphabetical Balkan vardanians.

yeah, Robert Lewando-ski is also VARDAR

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