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Polish-Moroccan mutual relations

skysoulmate 14 | 1,296
22 Apr 2010 #61
All true.

I worry about Eyjafjallajökull volcano's big sister, Katla. They erupt VERY seldom but usually in tandem. It's estimated that a Katla eruption would be AT LEAST 10 times more powerfull!

This could be just a warm up...

...but according to an Iranian cleric if women dress more modestly we'll all be safe! LOL LOL LOL

PS. Yes, I know how to pronounce Eyjafjallajökull ;) Speaking Swedish does help; the languages are close enough.
convex 20 | 3,978
22 Apr 2010 #62
...but according to an Iranian cleric if women dress more modestly we'll all be safe! LOL

Seems plausible. Remember when Falwell and Robertson blamed gays and feminists for 9/11?
skysoulmate 14 | 1,296
22 Apr 2010 #63
Well, I've read the full remark and it's been taken somewhat out of the context, quite possibly the same happened with the Iranian comment. Didn't mean to start a political/religious discussion, I thought it was funny, that's all.
OP Torq
22 Apr 2010 #64
they didn't put anyone else "to shame" as their geographical location was in their favor.

Sorry, I'm not buying it.

Georgian President managed to fly to Poland from USA - the same thing turned
out to be impossible for the American president - explain that geographically;
Hungarian delegation made it, Austrian didn't - explain that geographically :-)

I am certain that had Morocco been located farther north they would not attend.

Actually - all the countries whose delegations attended the funeral are located farher
north than Morocco. Please, show me the flight path that was possible for Moroccan
flight to get to Poland, but impossible for Portugal, Spain or Italy?
skysoulmate 14 | 1,296
23 Apr 2010 #65

Why wouldn't the Hungarian delegation make it in? Have you even looked at the path of the ash???

Due to the Jetstream winds it moves east, occasionally south. The entire Scandinavia, the UK and initially many central European countries were affected.

Besides, the Hungarian and Austrian delegations could've driven if they wanted to, not that far away.

First airports that opened up for US lights into Europe were Madrid and Lisbon, again due to their location - the Jetstream takes the ash away from them.

Amazing how there must be a conspiracy in everything nowadays.

Could Obama have flown in? Probably. Land in Madrid and take the train or a motorcade all the way to Poland. Alternatively he could've taken a southern route and flown to Greece, Turkey and taken train or used a motorcade. However, as a head of state his flight would've gotten all kinds of special treatments, additional spacial separation, etc. which means other, regular flights would be delayed even more, possibly past their "slot time" meaning they'd be cancelled. [applies to all "official" head of state flights, in other words the entire airplane consists of a government delegation]

No defender of Obama by no means but the decision to cancel was logical one.

I also predict that if Eyjafjallajökull's big sister (brother if you prefer) Katla erupts you'll see many airlines in Europe and maybe in the US too go bankrupt. The strength of that volcano is estimated to be at least 10 times that of Eyjafjallajökull. Airlines will be grounded for weeks - scary stuff!
joepilsudski 26 | 1,389
26 Apr 2010 #66
I'd like to see more co-operation between Poland and Morocco in the future and more
Polish companies investing there and strenthening the ties between our countries.

Good idea...Poland should diversify and make new friends.
guzzler 1 | 88
26 Apr 2010 #67
I would love to see millions of Moroccans move to Poland and change the complexion of the country. I'm sure France and Spain would also welcome it, and when Joe comes on his holidays I'm sure he will appreciate the the change.

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