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Moniuszko Street, Warsaw, during the Rising

Ozi Dan 26 | 566
13 May 2013 #1
Hi all,

Wonder if anyone can help? I'm trying to locate Moniuszko Street in Warsaw, but can't find it anywhere on google. I know it existed during the Rising, but was it changed after WW2? Does anyone have any street maps from the WW2 era showing Moniuszko Street that they could help me out with, and/or details as to its significance (if any) during the Rising? Thanks in advance.
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6146
13 May 2013 #2
The Street was created in 1901 on the site of the local streets in the areas transferred Infant Jesus Hospital , and thanks to the proximity of the National Philharmonic of its patron was Stanisław Moniuszko in Poland. Remnant areas of the hospital was the Church of the Name of Jesus Hospital at Moniuszko 3 .

In the pension Wanda Romanovna at number 2 , in a specially prepared quarters on the second floor , after returning from the fortress of Magdeburg on 10 - 13 November 1918 he moved Jozef Pilsudski . Tenement was demolished a few years later , and in its place built high-rise building in the interwar period unveiled a commemorative plaque .

Street buildings were high modernist buildings . In 1930, under the then number 10 was built edifice of Italian insurance company " Riunione Adriatica di Sicurta " , with known in the interwar period , dealing with two floors of restaurant " Adria " .

During the Warsaw Uprising buildings street was completely destroyed . In 1950, demolished ruins of the church , rebuilt in 1955, the National Philharmonic , and in 1960 years reconstructed building " Riunione Adriatica . " In 1973 was opened restaurant " Adria " , but did not regain its former glory .

You should find it at google street view, it starts at Plac Powstańców (NBP building), crosses with Jasna and ends close to Marszałkowska (not having connection with it) the whole street seems to be ~250m long.
13 May 2013 #3
I'm trying to locate Moniuszko Street in Warsaw,

The street is called ulica Moniuszki Stanisława, it is close to the former Hotel Warszawa.
OP Ozi Dan 26 | 566
16 May 2013 #4
Thanks a lot for your help Grzegorz and Warszawski. Much appreciated.
writing research
12 Dec 2019 #5
Hello. I'm looking for a detailed map of Warsaw during the German / Russian occupation of the city, specifically for the year 1944. I'm looking for details like street names and main churches, buildings (like the main Post Office) and major squares. Does any one know of such a map online or for sale? Thanks

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