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Is this the moment for Poles and all Slavs that they apologise to their old Gods?

Crow 160 | 10,261
14 Dec 2010 #1
Is this the moment for Poles and all Slavs that they apologize to their old Gods?

old Gods

old Gods3

What you people think?
pgtx 30 | 3,156
14 Dec 2010 #2
What you people think?

i think you need a psychiatrical help immediately...
Serniksista - | 8
14 Dec 2010 #3
I don't understand what you mean. What do they need to apologise for?
OP Crow 160 | 10,261
14 Dec 2010 #4
Slavic old Gods and spirits were result of our evolution as people and ethos, result of our coexistence with nature, product of Slavic way of life. They were personifications of our ancestors and promise to the future, monuments to future generations.

and what happened? Era of slavery occurred and our ancestors were forced to abandoned old Gods and spirits, often to destroy their idols

Maybe old Gods failed to protect our ancestors and our ancestors rightfully abandoned them or maybe our ancestors failed to protect its way of life. If our ancestors failed, then maybe we today, their children, may manage to found strength to at least apologize to old Gods. Its even philosophical question
Zed - | 195
14 Dec 2010 #5
For Crow... this is one of the more sane of his moments :-)
Serniksista - | 8
14 Dec 2010 #6
I get what you are saying, but still don't see why we need to apologise. What's done is done. People were forced to convert from one religion to another under threat of death. What choice did they have?

Anyway there are those who see old Gods/Goddesses as simply archetypes in the subconscious not actual living breathing separate entities. Isn't that just a remnant of Christian dogma - God an old man living on a cloud ?
12 Oct 2014 #7
Crow, this is funny. I am not making fun mind you:) If anything in the case of poland, our conversion to Christianity helped us survive. I love slavic culture, but the old slavic gods are pieces of wood to me. Nothing more.
Katieisgrowly - | 4
13 Oct 2014 #8
I still honour ROD the supreme slavic god who is still present in strong/important slavic words Cousin (Rodak), relatives (rodina), birth (porod), Nature (Priroda), the people (narod),there is no abandonment in the language.

I still read all the slavic myths and folklore,the fairy tales still carry the old beliefs baba yaga etc,it won't fade and don't worry I understand you perfectly.

Home / History / Is this the moment for Poles and all Slavs that they apologise to their old Gods?
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