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Life magazine 1.09.39 and sattelite pictures?

ShawnH 8 | 1,507
21 Feb 2010 #2
did they have sattelites back these days?

My guess is really good artists / cartographers....

to moderator
why you have moved this thread to off-topic?

This appears to be in History of Poland to me...

You have found an excellent edition of Life magazine.
marqoz - | 195
21 Feb 2010 #3
Wonderful piece, indeed. Thanks TIT.

It's cartographers work, of course. I've seen this kind of shading the mountains from 30s and you can find some similarity in Austro-Hungarian crosshatching the mountains. But you're right it's excellent artistic quality.

But look! How fascinating it is - even Life guys didn't believe that drole de guerre is possible and the Western front will be the most peaceful place on earth till the spring 1940.

All these bombings expected and never made.

Home / History / Life magazine 1.09.39 and sattelite pictures?
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