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Polish 76th Infantry regiment WWII

Kerchew 2 | 10
28 Jan 2010 #1

I am interested in tracing my fathers journey through his call up to service with the 76th infantry regiment in August 1939 to his incarceration by the Russians '39 to '41. Then his involvement with the British Army in the middle east, into italy and Monte casino. I do have his army records from England however it's the details of his actual path I am looking for. I.e. How did they draft soldiers then? Where did they report to? What camp was he held at in Russia? When he was released how and where did he mobilize with the Brits? etc etc etc. Any recommendations for sources would be greatly appreciated. So far I'm having pretty much zero luck.

Sokrates 8 | 3,345
29 Jan 2010 #2
Hello Kerchew register and post here:

we'll be able to help you if you provide more details.
OP Kerchew 2 | 10
29 Jan 2010 #3
Uh oh... it's in Polish... I'd love to but I'm afraid it's english only for me. Apologies. What details will help?
Sokrates 8 | 3,345
29 Jan 2010 #4
Ah you're not Polish then, how about you PM me and we'll see what we can do, no promises though as Russian sources about Gulags and prisoner camps are notoriously hard to come by.
OP Kerchew 2 | 10
29 Jan 2010 #5
No, Canadian. I can speak some Polish but my grammar is horrid... :( Dad always wanted me to go to polish school but it was on Saturday mornings and I would have none of that! Will send you a message shortly.

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