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Polish-Hungarian border exchange?

gregy741 3 | 780    
19 Apr 2017  #31

wishes to REMAIN, she'd better spruce up her act:-)

you talk BS.
if those illegals have any problem,there is legal way to resolve it in EU court
since they dont have a case,they,you and EU can FOKoff

Lyzko 13 | 2,520    
19 Apr 2017  #32

There are degree, gregy:-)

After all, Hungary must respect certain laws and even if it's Hungary's right not to allow migrants into her country, perhaps the entire EU ought to convene as a body and ask itself how it can make Europe less attractive to undocumented foreigners, instead of more! If foreigners find it less desirable to settle in countries such as France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia etc., perhaps the governments of Syria, Saudi Arabia etc. will be induced to build up their own economies and there will be greater employment for all at home rather than always aboad!

Worth considering anyway.
OP Fehervary 1 | 8    
19 Apr 2017  #33

You know, the Euro is a suitable currency only for very strong economies like Germany or France, we don't need it yet. Besides the Eu has no legal rights to kick any of its members out.
Lyzko 13 | 2,520    
19 Apr 2017  #34

I concur roundly, Fehervary! Hungary though is no slouch when it comes to productivity, in fact, she had a stronger economy during the 90's when I was last there, than Poland:-)

Someday, I'm sure that the forint will go the way of the lira, franc, and deutschmark, taking her rightful place among the relics of a bygone era!
gregy741 3 | 780    
19 Apr 2017  #35

forint will live long after Euro sure about it
Lyzko 13 | 2,520    
19 Apr 2017  #36

I'm not!

There'd have to be a pressingly cogent reason for a return to pre-Euro times. Don't think we're there as yet, much as I'm continually skeptical of PM May's Brexit strategy.
delphiandomine 57 | 15,075    
19 Apr 2017  #37

forint will live long after Euro sure about it

Doubt it. Hungary has had huge problems with currencies throughout the 20th century, and there's no reason to believe that the forint will be any better.

Hungarian kroner = abandoned due to rampant inflation in 1927
Hungarian pengo = abandoned due to unbelievable hyperinflation in 1946
Hungarian forint = suffered huge losses in the early 1990's.

Orban himself is talking about Euro entry, and if the EU starts to tie cohesion funds to Euro membership, Hungary will be first in line to join.
Lyzko 13 | 2,520    
19 Apr 2017  #38

That's true, Delph.

I believe most countries which have undergone numerous currency shifts, such as Brazil etc, yearn for a common currency to unite them to their neighbors.
delphiandomine 57 | 15,075    
19 Apr 2017  #39

Exactly. You could see it with Slovenia, the Baltic States and Finland, all of whom had good reason to push quickly towards the Euro. Even several of the other currencies in Europe are tied to the Euro - the Bosnian convertible mark, the Bulgarian lev and the Danish krone for example.
Lyzko 13 | 2,520    
19 Apr 2017  #40

And let's not forget our dear Polish zloty:-)
DominicB - | 1,688    
19 Apr 2017  #41


It's not tied to the Euro.
Lyzko 13 | 2,520    
19 Apr 2017  #42

Oh, I realize that, DominicB. However, there are currencies which exists side-by-side with the euro, while not using the euro for daily transactions, in the shop etc., but only on the financial exchanges.
Ironside 42 | 7,679    
19 Apr 2017  #43

This statement is not right.

Look here Fehervary. That is a matter of opinion. You do realize that in such matters legal, juris and rights or whatnot is mostly a political issue with different people/sides having different views and standing on issues.

In this particular case the issue is murky at best and no nearly a clearly cut as you imply.
I'm honestly surprised that such a small territories would even be worthy to rise it as an issue. There is no Hungarian minority there and never has been - so what gives?

First you would have to regain Slovakia - which is at the present is not a very likely.
Second those territories are inhabited with people who own properties there.
Third I don't know exactly the way of the land there but it could be that for strategically reason those territories are important to Poland's interest.

Fourth - you are talking about pre-war border - you're awe that those territories where exchanged not given to Poland.

Meaning there are few conditions that need to be met first:
1,Hungary in a permanent position of Slovakia.
2, Territories exchanged.
3. An ample compensation paid - that could be a quite a sum.
Summary - by the time you fulfil the first condition you might find that you cannot be bothered to go into all those trouble and expenses just because some Hungarian pouring over historical maps has an OCD.

You make no sense dawg! No politically, not strategically. Unless we're talking about huge oil or gold deposits.
Lyzko 13 | 2,520    
19 Apr 2017  #44

You know, Ironside, there is still a small, yet significant, faction within Hungary that wants to regain its former territory presently (and for the last century) prior to the Trianon Treaty, part of Romania aka Transylvania or "Erdely" meaning simply "forest"!

You might laugh, but these people are dead serious, possibly willing and able to back up their strong emotions with the requisite force:-)
Ironside 42 | 7,679    
20 Apr 2017  #45

Well, nothing wrong with it but we are talking here about a relatively small, insignificant mountains region with predominantly polish populace. Is not worth of the effort and money needed to get it.
Lyzko 13 | 2,520    
20 Apr 2017  #46

Yep, you're right about that in the end.

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