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First Polish Army part of Red Army?

23 Jun 2018 #1
So I was in an argument not too long ago with this woman who came from Belarus to visit Poland and I met her at one of the parks here (one near old town and muranow near Cubano club). She claimed Polish were not too friendly toward her if she tried speaking Russian to them and that many acted like or did not speak Russian. I told her most of the older generation do. She claimed she did not get the big deal about the Warsaw Uprising since her country or Belarus had many such situations or battles even way worse. I tried to explain that it wasn't Belarus but the greater empire or Soviet Union at the time which Belarus was only a small part but it was hard for me to communicate with her or explain why she was wrong. How would you guys have done it?

I also told her just like Belarus Poland was part of the empire at one point too before ww1 and even in ww2 we had the first Polish and second Polish armies that were part of the 1st Belorussian front so by her making those statements I could make same about Poland since we were all only a part of the great patriotic war.

I read about the first and second Polish armies in a book called 1945 or something to Berlin by Anthony Beevor while I was in prison in CA and it just made me proud reading it knowing we were also making a part. More info:

Its funny cause in the book they kept mentioning these armies during the battle of Berlin. They mentioned Zhukov, etc. But always the Polish armies engaged.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,602
18 Dec 2018 #2
1st and 2nd Polish armies were formed in the Soviet Union. 1st was under soviet command and had tons of Russian officers while the 2nd aka anders army was under British command/Polish government In exile..

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