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Who is this communist Polish man?

17 Feb 2016 #1
A long time ago, while rooting though an old national geographic magazine i saw a large photo of a man dressed up nicely, with the hammer and sickle on his fez hat and the collar of his uniform. He had a photo of the pope in his coat pocket, and had a moustache. I dont have any more information, aside from that the pope is probably pope John Paul 2. He had a sash on. I am desperate please help
Ozi Dan 26 | 569
17 Feb 2016 #2
Hi Adrienne,

I remember this photo. I googled and came up with the April 1982 issue - the image pops up straight away. The symbols are not the hammer and sickle however, and this fellow would have probably been a striking worker of some description perhaps. Hope this helps. Cheers Dan
G (undercover)
17 Feb 2016 #3
Miner uniform perhaps ? Something like this:

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