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6th annviersary of JPII's death

Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
2 Apr 2011 #1
A homo Homini poll showed that 82% of Poles felt JPII's teaching had impacted their personal lives, 16% did not and the rest had no opinion. A vast majority have proclaimed JPII the gretaest Pole that ever lived. What is your personal view on this and of JPII in general?

Will Poland follow the road of Ireland and Spain where only the elderly remain faithful whilst the younger generation uncritically espouse 'anything goes' anarcho-libertinism?
2 Apr 2011 #2
What is your personal view on this and of JPII in general?

In modern times I would agree JPII was very inspirational for PL, from the point of spiritual father he was the most important person in the history of PL, he had an impact on my life and inspired life changes for me.
OP Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
3 Apr 2011 #3
By focusing on the extraneous and peripheral, most of the Poles on PF seem to be out of step with their own nation. Today across the country JPII is being honoured -- crowds have gathered under the Kraków window at Franciszkańska 3. In Warsaw's Piłsudski Square a prayer vigil was held together with big-screen telecasts of JPII's sermons; clusters of votive lamps flicker at every corner the length of Aleja Jana Pawła II, Also in Wadowice and at the Vatican Poels are gatehring to honour their nation's greetest son and commemorative masses have been cleberated at churches across Poland. The anniversary is also among the top news items in Poland's TV news bulletins.
3 Apr 2011 #4
Luckily all those celebrations you refer to were hardly noticeable here in Warsaw.
3 Apr 2011 #5
You obviously are not familiar with Warsaw as the celebrations were on Plac Pilsudskiego, as with all important celebrations in Warszawa.
Ashleys mind 3 | 455
3 Apr 2011 #6
Oh, well then that marks 6 years since I lived in Krakow. I was there when it happened... had nothing to do with it mind!

It also marks the anniversary of the orange revolution in Ukraine, no? That occurred around about the same time...

They made him a saint yet?

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