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Zofia Lakomic, Tadeusz Ryba. Looking for my mothers relatives

Kaz Ryba    
7 Jan 2015  #1
Her name was Zofia Lakomic she married Tadeus Ryba. She had a sister who had children,and a brother who died. Zofia and Tadeus left Germany after the war and went to Australia. She travelled back to Poland to visit her mother and sisters family around 1963. Zofia had 5 children three born in Germany one a boy died during the war two survived, Irena and Zbigniew, she had two children in the Australian displacement camps Mary and myself Kazimiera. I would like to communicate with my relatives whom I know nothing about. I have two sons and two grandsons.
jo mac    
4 Feb 2015  #2
Hi Kaz, I have similar information on Ryba family,we maybe able to share, if you have an interest please contact me through Facebook.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,467    
5 Feb 2015  #3
£AKOMIC/£AKOMIEC: from adj. łakomy (greedy, hungry; e.g. łakomy na słodycze = very fond of sweets)

RYBA: Polish word for fish; a possible nick for a fisherman, fishmonger or someone who resembled a fish; also topo tag from localities such as Rybno. Rybaki, Rybowo, etc.
jo mac    
12 Apr 2015  #4
Hi Kaz, realised I didn't give contact details. Drop me an email at justjodie5@hotmail
Jo Mac    
11 Oct 2018  #5
@Kaz Ryba
Hi Kaz, I left you a message on this site back in 2015 in reply to your enquiry for information on Lakomic family history. I have some information on Ryba family you maybe interested in knowing. Please feel free to contact me if this is the case, thanks Jo.

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