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Znin locate documents and info

mlewandowski 1 | 1
9 Sep 2019 #1
I am trying to make contact with the catholic church in Znin. Recently visited Poland from USA and had limited time in the city of Znin. My great grandfather Michal Lewandowski was married in the church there, I believe Blessed Virgin Mary Queen of Poland church. He came to the USA as a young man and lived in Minnesota near my home, Foley/Gilman area. His father Fabian Lewandowski did not want him to leave Poland. I am looking for help in the church to locate any documents on Michal and my great, great, grandfather Fabian Lewandowski. Have also learnd name of great great great grandfather Nicholas Lewandowski in that area. Need someone who speaks english and can help with wedding and burial documents if available. any contact info or ideas would be appreciated. Michael Lewandowski Foley MN USA
kaprys 3 | 2,286
11 Sep 2019 #2
Try geneteka and
OP mlewandowski 1 | 1
13 Sep 2019 #3

znin church records - Lewandowski

I recently visited Poland and Znin, from Foley MN, USA
Loved the country and the area.
Had some information on by family in the area from the catholic church records search.
Believe from the church in Znin.
Would like to see if any records of my great great great grandfather Nicolaus Lewandowski--1770 's -----

Any records of my great great grandfather Fabian Lewandowski, marriage, burial, etc...Married in Znin as well.

And my great grandfather Michal Lewandowski who was married in the Znin church and later came to the USA, parent of my grandfather Joseph.
My father Chester.

Looking for best way to get documents or info. a Church contact that can communicate in English?

Also I see the church address is on Lewandowskiego? didnt notice this on our visit.
Who and why named after a Lewandowski?

Love the culture and the history.

thanks and best regards,

kaprys 3 | 2,286
13 Sep 2019 #4
Lewandowski is a popular surname - tens of thousands of users. The street must be named after a Lewandowski.
You didn't say what years you're interested in or what religion your ancestors were.
Generally speaking records that are over a hundred years old are kept in diocesan or state archives. Provided they survived all the wars etc
Some results from XTYPEro%3Apra
See if there are scans online. If not contact the branch of archives mentioned there.
Try geneteka search engine - the thing is that not all records are indexed thereł+&search_lastname2=&search_name2=&from_date=&to_date=

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