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Zajaczkowski - Searching for relatives in Warsaw

frankjz 1 | 1
15 Mar 2013 #1
Hello All,

I emigrated to Los Angeles, CA with my Polish father (a DP) and English mother in 1956. I am traveling to Poland in late April of this year for the first time, and am trying to find my relatives who I think are still in Warsaw. I've tried the city phone book, though I think my lack of Polish fluency hindered my search since not a single Zajaczkowski turned up! Then I tried contacting the local papers, but this search was also hindered by my language impediment. I've written a memoir about my family's life here in America called Passage From England that is currently on sale in a couple of book stores in Poland, and I've contacted the store owners but to no avail. Any suggestions/help would be appreciated. Here's a brief summary of my family history:

My father fled Poland in 1939 and joined the RAF in London in 1940. He served in the 300 Squadron stationed in Lincoln, England throughout the war. He met and married my mother in Lincoln. She was English and her name was Frances Beckett. I do have my father's RAF service record, but it offers no help of current family status of course. Following the war, he and my mother began a family and remained in England until the early Fifties, and then our family emigrated to the U.S. in 1956. My father is dead as are all his siblings. My father's name was Zdzislaw Zajaczkowski. My father's eldest brother, Kazik Zajaczkowski, is also deceased, but I believe his children are still living in Warsaw, and it is them that I am trying to contact. His sister was Janet Zajaczkowski (her married name was Wrobleski, married to Jan Wrobleski, both deceased). Janet and Jan had a son named Marek and all immigrated to the U.S. in the mid-60s, but then returned to Warsaw. Marek may now be back in the U.S. My father's younger brother (first name unknown to me) died in a concentration camp, date and camp unknown to me.

Thanks in advance for you consideration.

Frank Zajaczkowski
15 Mar 2013 #2
Have you seen these?


There are lots more:
OP frankjz 1 | 1
16 Mar 2013 #3
Thanks, I'll check them out. There are quite a few...

Zazulka 3 | 128
16 Mar 2013 #4
I've tried the city phone book, though I think my lack of Polish fluency hindered my search since not a single Zajaczkowski turned up!

The Polish spelling of your last name is: Zajączkowski. When searching Polish records online it is very important that you type an Ą and not an A

Also, Wrobleski is a very uncommon last name in Poland. The website moikrewni lists only 5 people in Poland with that last name (none in the Warsaw area). On the other hand Wroblewski (Polish spelling: Wróblewski) is very common. Are you sure that Marek's last name is spelled without the second w ? There are quite few people named Marek Wroblewski in the US phone directory. Perhaps you can use it to search for your cousin?

FYI: your father's name in Polish: Zdzisław Zajączkowski

According to the website moikrewni, there are 273 people in Warsaw whose last name is Zajączkowski. You need more info, like your father's birth certificate, old letters from the relatives, etc. to locate your cousins.

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