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Wychowski / Yorrick - Searching for my father

19 Aug 2015 #1
Hi there,

My name is Matt, I am 33 and live in Sydney. Since my late teens i've known that my heritage far as who my
actual father was isn't who my mother told me he was. Recently I
decided to start looking for him, but i've hit a bit of a wall. I
don't have a lot of information to go on, but i'm hoping someone might
be able to help me. When I asked about him from my mother, this is
what I got:

"His last name is Wychowski (Wachowski?) but not sure of the spelling.
He was from a polish background and came from an area affected by the
1983 Ash Wednesday bushfires in Victoria. He also worked at the St
Marys Ammunition factory (in 1982-3) when she knew him. Apparently
Yorrick may be a nickname."

I know its a long shot, but maybe somebody might be able to help me locate
my family? Its all I have to go on, and I don't really know where to
start. I thought maybe his family might still be in Victoria?

Thank you,

Matt Archer
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19 Aug 2015 #2
Both names Wychowski and Wachowski exist in Poland - the Wachowski surname is much more popular though.


Is there a possibility that this is his first name? I'm asking because it may sound similar to Jurek in Polish - diminutive form from the Jerzy first name in Poland.
OP ArcherAU
21 Aug 2015 #3
I think Jarek, Jorek, Jurek might be his first name, yeah. I was born in January of 1982, which means he would have known her in March of 81. She was (is) a pretty big hippy, and likely would have known him though that scene. Apparently he rode a motorbike, was very tall (at least 6' 3") with blonde hair and blue eyes. Maybe came from Sunbury/the Riverina in Victoria, Australia.

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