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Wisniewski name research

20 Oct 2006 #1
My father has limited information about our Polish heritage and tells me that my great grandfather's name was Frank Wishnesky.

I'm seeking some clarification: Is Wishnesky and americanized version of Wishnevsky or a different name? He changed his name to Cherry so I assume the name was sort of like "Wisnia".

Also, is Frank a common Polish name or would it have been something else in Poland?

He was from Poznan, the area or the city, we're not sure. People say the name is very common.
20 Oct 2006 #2
I'm sure the Polish first/last name should be: Franciszek Wisniewski. An abbreviation of the name "Franciszek" is "Franek".
OP DrCherry
20 Oct 2006 #3
Thank you, this means a lot to me.
11 Apr 2010 #4
Merged: Wisniewski(a) in Lipinki

My grandmother came form Lipinki her nake was Winiewski(a). I'm looking to make contact with family; any help would be appreciated.
musicwriter 5 | 87
12 Apr 2010 #5
My atlas shows five vilages name Lipinki- one is 52 km east of Radzyń Podlaski, one 23 km northwest of Grudziądz, one 9 km southeast of Warka, one 22 km southwest of Iława,

and one 21 km north of Głogów.

Also there is a Lipinki £użyckie, and a Lipinki Szlacheckie.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
12 Apr 2010 #6
WIŚNIEWSKI: topo nick from Wiśniew or Wiśniewo (Cherryville)
14 Apr 2010 #7
Any suggestions on how to try to determine which one?
16 Jun 2015 #8
looking for information on a theodor wisniewski date bake 1840 from Prussian.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
17 Jun 2015 #9
WIŚNIEWSKI: root-word wiśnia (cherry, cherry-tree); originated as a toponymic nickname from several localities in Poland called Wiśniew and Wiśniewo.
pastforward - | 1
13 May 2017 #10

Wisniewski Family - Mrowla Poland

I am searching for more information on the family of Antoni Wisniewski, born in Mrowla, Poland in about 1890 to Wojciech/Albert Wisniewski and Maria Worowczonka (spelling?). Thank you for any help you can offer.

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