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Winskowski surname

17 Apr 2007 #1
I'm looking for some help myself.. My great grandparents came over from Poland, and my grandpa doesn't remember too much.. Im curious if my surname WINSKOWSKI was once something else.

I've tried to do searches and what not.. but the only thing I can find is my grandpas name that I entered into, my dads high school photo and my name in the Air Force Times.. :(

Any help would be sooo appreciated.

Bartolome 2 | 1,085
17 Apr 2007 #2
I tried 'Wińskowski', but there are only Winskowskis who pop out if you google it... Many Germans and some other nationalities (I suppose with Polish descent) with that name as well.
jcsm 3 | 88
18 Apr 2007 #3
Some possible clues?

Protestant community in Sieraków [Zirke], entry # 41 in 1854 score: Groom: 100%

Johann Nepomuk Winskowski (28) father: Peter Winskowski

Ernestine Wilhelmine Hauf (23) father: Michael Hauf, mother: Louise Krenz

Protestant community in Nakło [Nakel], entry # 37 in 1867 score: Groom: 100%

Edward Winskowski (27) father: Johann Winskowski

Louise Baais alias Fischer (25) father: Carl Baais? / Marie Fischer ??

Variations on the surname:> (no spaces)
Kathy McKee
6 May 2017 #4
My Great Grandmother was Olga Winscowski born in Konin Kalisz Poland. A German Community in Poland. She Married Wilham Busse and mover To Sask Canada in 1910

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