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Why Polish aren't white??

Billy9999 - | 34    
12 Nov 2015  #241
White, male, Christian, heterosexual and able-bodied. Welcome to the most discriminated - against and hated club in the world.
Muhammad Zeshan    
26 Jul 2016  #242
Maybe Color , Location And Religion are main Things - You are black , white , brown ?
Religion : For Example Mostly Muslims Are White . But Christains , Jews not Considered us White .. Because According Them Only Christains , Jews Are Whites .
Location : For Example Mostly European , American Considered White . Not Asian .
Color : Main Thing In Every People Mind African are Black , Asian are caucasian , European and American are Whites
4 Mar 2017  #243

Why polish people think they are white?

They have darker skin than germanics in fact it's often almost brown, they have no natural blondes and most of them have brown eyes not to mention they lack white facial features and have round, mongoloid heads. Is it self hate? Why pretend to be white when they obviously are not?
gumishu 11 | 4,902    
  4 Mar 2017  #244

are Poles mongoloid then? like say the Chinese?

or maybe thery are black? wait Poles are Arabs - and in denial too

by the way are Italians and Spaniards white by your standards?
4 Mar 2017  #245
Italians and Spaniards are not white either and yes Poles are mongoloid.
johnny reb 17 | 3,393    
4 Mar 2017  #246
yes Poles are mongoloid.

LOL - Sources please.
4 Mar 2017  #247
Mongol invasions? Their faces? Their skin?
johnny reb 17 | 3,393    
4 Mar 2017  #248
So YOUR OPINION is your source ?
4 Mar 2017  #249
More like a fact you dumb american. Poles don't have white skin or white facial features so how they can be white?
johnny reb 17 | 3,393    
4 Mar 2017  #251
So far you have only given us no sources or no facts, just YOUR OPINION.
Yes I am an American and what country are you from ?
4 Mar 2017  #252
You're an American your knowledge about the world outside of your state is non existant you propably can't even point Poland on the map. Besides Poles are not considered white in the US so if anything you should be the one agreeing they are mongoloids.
johnny reb 17 | 3,393    
4 Mar 2017  #253
I have come to the conclusion that you are merely a troll since you can not give us a source or any facts to back up your blabber.

That obviously embarrasses you to be challenged by a dumb American.
You also seem embarrassed about the country that you live in since you are ashamed to post it here.
4 Mar 2017  #254
Poles really aren't considered white in the West.
nothanks - | 666    
  4 Mar 2017  #255
Possibly 25 years ago. But the Wests race mixing is steadily changing the definition.

By Western standards today: Poles are "very White"
Szczebrzeszyn - | 5    
4 Mar 2017  #256
[joepilsudski✉ Polish are Actually Descended from West African Hausa Tribe

Around 750-800 AD, a fairly large number of Hausa tribesmen and women (region of Niger, Mali) emmigrated north over the Sahara Desert, crossed the Mediterranean, then continued their migration until the reached the region of the Carpathian mountains...]

There is some well confirmed truth in this. After much research a senior anthropologist in Uni of Warsaw has confirmed the findings.
Wulkan - | 3,277    
4 Mar 2017  #257
it's often almost brown, they have no natural blondes and most of them have brown eyes not to mention they lack white facial features and have round, mongoloid heads. Is it self hate?

No, that's your description not ours so it's your hate I guess.
Ironside 47 | 9,328    
  4 Mar 2017  #258

No, you're a village idiot, a dumb troll on the roll or both. Get a life, that BS is not even funny is boring.

African Hausa Tribe

That means that Poles can call black people niggers. No racism there. Sorted.
Szczebrzeszyn - | 5    
5 Mar 2017  #259
[@Ironside ... That means that Poles can call black people niggers. No racism there. Sorted.]

Ask @joepilsudski - he is more knowledgeable on this subject - But hey! You want to be called this - so be it! After all, as joepilsudski has clearly said .. under your outer skin, you will find that true colour .... you can hide it no longer.
BasqueTuscan - | 2    
20 Mar 2017  #260
Alright I'm not Polish, just saying I've never heard of anybody who doesn't consider Poles White. Poles are like the palest people I've ever met. I can't believe there's actually someone who thinks Poles aren't White.
Wulkan - | 3,277    
20 Mar 2017  #261
I can't believe there's actually someone who thinks Poles aren't White.

They are just trolls, they don't really think that.
Ironside 47 | 9,328    
  20 Mar 2017  #262
I can't believe there's actually someone who thinks Poles aren't White.

Some 'Anglo-Saxon' village idiots might have such a mind-set, do they really believe it that themselves - doubt it. Some people are just naturally born jerks. Who cares anyhow?
jon357 65 | 13,874    
20 Mar 2017  #263
Who cares anyhow?

Exactly. How would it even matter?
Wulkan - | 3,277    
20 Mar 2017  #264
Some people are just naturally born jerks.

Not much you can do about it.
21 Mar 2017  #265
Why would polish be white? They have darker skin than western Europeans, have no european facial features and their culture has nothing to do with Europe either.
Atch 17 | 2,653    
22 Mar 2017  #266
Another troll. However we can't let 'it' whatever its gender, have the last word here. Isn't it remarkable how these ignorant lumps who've never been outside Hicksville or Ba Diddly Boing, Idaho, are such experts on everything 'European', not to mention anthropology, sociology, history and human biology.
Marsupial - | 911    
22 Mar 2017  #267
Western europe is white? That is pretty funny!
BasqueTuscan - | 2    
  22 Mar 2017  #268

There's no way you're serious or a real nationalist.

Poles and Slavs in general are NOT darker than western Europeans. I am originally from Cheektowaga, a town that is roughly 30% Polish. The Poles there are White as hell even in September. Lol
Marsupial - | 911    
22 Mar 2017  #269
He isnt white at all. Or at the very least some povo.
13 Jun 2018  #270
I am thinking the people who made those comments to Pennyboy are possibly not White. They may be inner city or immigrants who don't really understand what is considered White. White people in U.S. know their own European ancestry, as I am sure Asians know their family origins and South Americans know theirs and so on. They speak of themselves as third/forth generation Americans from Britain or Holland or other European countries. Many of them still proud of their European heritage and carry on recipes that pass down generations from the old country. I have heard Americans refer to themselves as Louisiana French, Italian American, Pennsylvania Dutch, Hungarians from the Midwest (whom I got a "real" goulash recipe from), Irish, actually a lot of Irish people do that.

The new European immigrants are referred to as Italians, Germans, French, Icelanders, Spanish, Irish, Australians, South Africans, Czech, Brits, Canadians, Dutch (I am trying to think of ones I have met from different countries) refer to themselves that way. They don't say they are White when they meet people. They say I am French or English etc., when asked. Not I am White. Nobody does.

I don't understand the rudeness against the South or the U.S., in general. I am from the coast but I really enjoy visiting the south and southeast. The people are so laid back, kind and hospitable. No doubt there are people who are prejudice but there are many with those views right here on the west coast, who claim to be bleeding hearts on the outside! Folks, I hope you don't just believe the brainwash stereotype without giving it a chance. And why say rude things about Americans. Americans are obviously not dumb, or it won't be the world power that it is and no country would need to come to U.S. for help. I understand the U.S. provides more aide than any other country in the world and yet criticized for not giving enough, all the while those receiving aide are insulting the U.S. under their breadth. If you feel whatever your country is superior to U.S., you wouldn't feel the need to call names or to make insult. This type of aggressive behavior is usually a sign of insecurity and inferiority complex. I am sure there are people who are smart, dumb, nice, mean, caring, indifferent, tolerant, prejudice in every country, so there is no need to insult a whole country of 300 million people. Those type of people exist in your country too.

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