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Waclawski's wanted!

31 May 2007 #1
I am looking for anyone with the surname Waclawski or anyone you know with it to help me with an art project.
Please get in touch.
thanks, joanna
czrpa - | 1
22 Sep 2007 #2
I am Carol Railsback. My maternal grandfather was Andrew Waclawski. His parents were Andrew and Mary (Sodomierz) Waclawski. Andrew Sr's first wife was Anastasia Beck. Andrew and Anastasia had a son, Joseph, who has gotten lost from 'our tree'... Finding him is my latest 'quest'...

3 Jan 2019 #3
I just came across this site and I realize the original post is very old now but I have connections to the name Waclawski. Hope to connect with you or anyone with the same name.

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