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24 Oct 2010 #1
I only discovered this website a week ago while researching some Polish towns in Kresy where my parents were born.

I came across the Virtual Museum Kresy-Syberia - below from their Welcome from the President

"Our ambition is to join forces with organizations that possess documents related to the "Polish Gehenna" and to the Polish Armies in Exile of World War II in order to facilitate the display of the most complete collection possible. Eventually, we also plan to create educational modules, conduct seminars, and feature music as well as film clips of survivors telling their stories."

I contacted them as I was having some difficulties loading certain areas of the site and was informed they are still working on various issues and teething difficulties and will be constantly updating information. I believe this website was only launched in August this year so many may not be aware of it yet.

They have a wall of names and information can be submitted for inclusion if your family was from this area and experienced WWII. I believe they already have many names taken from registers of Polish Army forces.

You can view the site in Polish or English by clicking on the appropriate flag. Use the bottom scroll bar to move page to the left to expose the flags.

Hopefully this site will eventually be very useful for those researching not only ancestors who service in the Polish army but civilians from these areas of Poland too.
hague1cmaeron 14 | 1366
24 Oct 2010 #2
Its been around for awhile, and there is only one problem, it does not work!
slinkyhypo - | 4
24 Oct 2010 #3
I did say I experienced problems with the site and that I only discovered it last week but it seems relatively new to me. I thought I would bring it to the attention of those that may be interested to have a look at it and perhaps bookmark it for future reference. Once it is operating properly, I'm sure it will be a good resource.

After I had difficulties with the site, I emailed them about it and had a reply from Stefan Wisniowski, Foundation President on 18/10 and he said they are aware of problems and they are working on it and hope to have it operating properly. Hopefully they'll get their act together soon.
hague1cmaeron 14 | 1366
24 Oct 2010 #4
Good to hear, cos i think it does have potential.