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Vintage Photos of Polish ancestors

SSpringer 5 | 55
10 Jul 2008 #91
My family

  • Adolph Rykowski sitting down

  • Adolph Rykowski and his wife, Teodora Roman
gjene 14 | 204
29 Dec 2008 #92
Hi all

Here is a photo of my great uncle in 1919 with an unknown friend. Maybe someone will recognize the badge on the arm.

  • Uncle Henry and friend
gjene 14 | 204
1 Jan 2009 #93
Greetings all

Me again. Here is a picture of my great grandparents and their children. The older gentleman sitting in the cart I suspect be my great great grandfather from my great grandmothers' side. They had the photo duplicated and sent to 2 different relatives. So I will only include the front of 1 and the reverse of both. At least they are dated 1909.

  • Cart ride in Elzbietow, Poland

PolskaMan 2 | 147
4 Jan 2009 #94
hello all,here is a photo of my father Józef Ludwig Kazimierz Bartoszyński.

Hey is that yours or did you find that picture on the internet?If its yours keep it in your family its a great piece of history and in that condition i think its worth like 500-1000 dollars!I cant wait till i go to Poland this year ill get some old pictures of my family
gjene 14 | 204
2 Apr 2009 #95
Greetings everyone

Here is a photo of an area that my relatives visited. But I am not sure where it is or when the photo was taken. Judging by the size, I would say that it was taken prior to 1970.

  • Near Wegrow

  • Reverse side of photo
3 Apr 2009 #96
every one on my dads side died before i got to meet them except for his brothers, & his great aunt but i havent met her yet
1 Oct 2009 #97
I want to thank you for your work tracing our family-
Ive learned much about where we come from

Jeff Nestor
(Nestor/Ajsmont descendant)
uschelseagirl - | 4
1 Oct 2009 #98
This is my great great grandfather, great great grandmother, and their niece somewhere in Poland probably around the first world war. My great great grandfather then died later in a German camp during the second world war. It appears as though they were poorer and probably farmers (just guessing based on their clothing).

Their last name was Swiontkowski. I'm not exactly sure where they were from. I think somewhere outside of Warsaw. This is probably the oldest picture we have of our ancestors. We don't have very many links or knowledge beyond this.
uschelseagirl - | 4
1 Oct 2009 #99
Here is a picture of my great great grandparents and a niece from around the same time perhaps. My great great grandfather also died in a German camp of some sort. thanks for sharing!

caprice49 4 | 224
2 Oct 2009 #100
Looking for my uncle and his family somewhere in the UK (taken July, 1955

Have a surname?
rdywenur 1 | 157
8 Oct 2009 #101
Yes the last name is Chodacki (Chodacka) His first name was Walter. On the back of one foto it says Morecombe. It could have been a vacation photo or they lived in that town. Unfortunately the family has no information and my mom does not remember anymore. (she is now 88yrs old) It's like looking for a needle in a haystack with only a couple fotos to go by.
Shellie 1 | 11
3 Dec 2009 #102
These photos are so wonderful. I have only a precious few photos of my family in Poland and they give me almost no information about how my family lived. I especially love the photos taken in the small villages that give us a glimpse of what life was like for our ancestors.
wozzy 8 | 206
19 Jan 2010 #103
Got some old photo's of my Grandad from the first world war even my mother hadn't seen them before.

hope they load

Begger!! resize and try again......
19 Jan 2010 #104
hope they load

Hope you manage it. I love seeing all the photos. :)
wozzy 8 | 206
1 Jul 2010 #105
picktures of grandad wearing uniform of the Austro Hungarian Empire 1st. world war.

hope it works this time............:0)

  • grandad on ouside right

  • grandad back row 2nd from right
caprice49 4 | 224
1 Jul 2010 #106
Chodacki (Chodacka)

I haven't been on line for a while, but will check for you and will revert.

Looking for my uncle and his family somewhere in the UK (taken July, 1955

I have sent you an email on this site which may be of interest
OP Patrycja19 63 | 2,699
1 Jul 2010 #107
I have only a precious few photos of my family in Poland

I started with only a few, as I learned more about my family, I managed to get more
pictures meeting family I never knew about, I dont think my mom did either, but
some old photos they had matched up with mine so it was exciting to hear their
stories as they knew them.

I also recorded one of my moms cousins, who is now passed , she told me all about
my great uncle who loved to talk and invent things.
wozzy 8 | 206
1 Jul 2010 #108
Here is one more ......Grandad the war hero.....he's front row 2nd from left.

Aparently he had a bad limp all his life after this......but he lived into his 80's

Hell I've done it picture
gjene 14 | 204
30 Oct 2010 #109
The photo I posted that is on pg 4 I was able to get names to some of the others in that photo from relatives that I finally connected with in Wegrow, Poland this yr. After 50 yrs. since the family left Poland I was the first to return. Just wish I had done this over 15 yrs ago. I could have met up with my great grannies nephew before he died in 2000. He no doubt would have been able to recognize some of the people and places that his daughters were not able to recognize.
OP Patrycja19 63 | 2,699
30 Oct 2010 #111
lol he looks like my Great Uncle Jan.

the mustache was unique for the time.. there is a co-worker of mine, havent seen him in
a while, but last time I did, he had the same mustache look..
boletus 30 | 1,366
23 Jun 2011 #112
[Moved from]: Vintage Poland: Pretty in Polska in b&w photographs (1900-1960)

Interesting gallery of 29 b&w photographs - period 1900-1960, more or less.
Marynka11 4 | 676
23 Jun 2011 #113
Very nice. Thank you for sharing.
hubabuba - | 113
23 Jun 2011 #114
thanks so much, I especially loved the old wooden village houses, they were making countryside beautiful , I hate the fact they didnt preserve, a
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
23 Jun 2011 #115
Interesting gallery of 29 b&w photographs

nice to see one of wroclaw. the university building is still there and looking better these days. the area in front of it is much different now though.
sobieski 107 | 2,128
23 Jun 2011 #116
Breslau was always pretty. And now that it is Wrocław it remains so :)
Nannerlh60 2 | 23
31 Mar 2012 #117
Taken in Jersey City, New Jersey - 1935 - 1950's

My Grandfather Klepacki, "Siegmund" or "Zygmundt" in his later years - either from Lublin or Suwalki - we've heard he was a Cossack officer - Born 1878 or 1879

My Grandmother Klepacki "Stanislawa" or "Stella" her maiden name was Blasczyzk - it is believed she was from near Stary Gostkow - Born 1890/91 -

My grandparents were not married in Poland - they married in Jersey City, NJ around 1906. It was a pre-arranged marriage. They did not know each other before.

It is believed my Grandfather had two brothers, Leon and Casimir/Casimiri/Kasimir or "Charles" - who moved to NY/NJ 1900-1907
It is believed my Grandfather had a sister, Josephine - we do not know what became of her.

My Grandmother had a sister, Bronislawa - she came to the US with Stanislawa but we do not know what became of her, either.

My Father, Henry/Henderick Dominic Klepacki - 1981 - 1994
My Uncles, Joe, John and Stanley
My Aunts - Dorothy and Nellie

If anyone sees a resemblance or is looking for their Klepacki families in the US - please let me know.

  • Stanislawa `Stella` Klepacki

  • Stanislawa Klepacki Nell Klepacki Christine Klepacki

  • Grandfather Zigmundt/Sigmund Klepacki, Joe, John and Henry Klepacki

  • Klepacki Nell, Dorothy and Friend
OP Patrycja19 63 | 2,699
9 Apr 2012 #118
Now we have ways of preserving our old photos, but I have heard stories over and over, of how some were lost in floods
and house fires, you can copy photos to disks now and send to extended family and have like 20 copies out there of the
family.. getting them back might be difficult :) or not, but you can always use a saftely deposit box as well.

Taken in Jersey City, New Jersey - 1935 - 1950's

very nice Photos,
rybnik 18 | 1,461
9 Apr 2012 #119
My father's Romanian identity card. He was enrolled in the University of Lwow in 1939 and was fortunate to escape through Romania.

OMG! This is too cool! My baby sister gave me a card similar to this one (see post #25). Neither of us knew what it was other than it being in Romanian. My father too escaped just ahead of the Blitzkrieg through Romania. The coincidence is too much! I just happened upon this thread not know it even existed. Thanks to Peter for posting it back in 2007 and for Patrycja for starting it.......I feel I should look for a photo and "pay this forward"
gjene 14 | 204
17 Apr 2012 #120
How many of us have photos that are undated? No doubt many of us. Here is a suggestion that may help to narrow down the dating game for photos. The suggestions is to use (reproduction) catalogues from stores like Eaton's, Simpsons, Sears &Roebuck. The catalogues should be at least a minimum of 5 years apart in order to help establish a change in clothing styles. Especially womens fashion. This way you can date the photo(s) to within the 5 yr time frame of the catalogues.

For any catalogues that date before 1920 that may be in a museum, maybe someone can convince the officials to reproduce the catalogue on cd or dvd and make it available for the cost of having it done. This way, they can make a couple of dollars, so to speak, in their favour, for improvements and other purposes. Then we benefit by having such things made available that normally wouldn't be. When it comes to genealogy, aids like that would definitely be an assistance. Even from some minor stores that the rest of us haven't heard about or the stores are more localized, like Macy's in comparison to Sears & Roebuck or Eaton's (here in Canada). I certainly would not mind getting my hands on scanned copies of different catalogues like that, if some of them predate 1900 in order to 'date' some photos I have in order to match the photo to a person in the family. Or at least narrow down who the photo may have been of.

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