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Village Kulaszne - information and background

archiwum 13 | 125
4 Dec 2014 #1
Can someone give me the background of this village?
Looker - | 1,107
4 Dec 2014 #2
I'll try to translate some facts from Polish:

Kulaszne is the most north placed village of Komańcza administrative district. The name probably comes from the Albanian language - kullose - meaning pasture. In the years 1977-1981 the name was polonised for Międzygórze.

The town was located with the Vlach law. From 1538 to 1772 it was one of the villages in Russian province. After the first Poland partition Kulaszne belonged to the Lesko region and later Sanok.

In 1785 the village was inhabited by 235 people.

After World War I, like most of the surrounding settlements, in which lived many Lemkos and Ukrainians, Kulaszne opted for inclusion to the Komancza Republic. During the the Second Polish Republic, the village served as the town of Spa. In the village were several guest houses and a Mineral Water Pump Room. In 1947, Kulaszne residents were displaced to the West and North-East of Poland. In the early 60s, however, many have returned to their small homeland.

A few years ago in Kulaszne was built Greek Catholic Church of St. Michael the Archangel. The newly established temple is situated near the place where was the original orthodox church of Michael the Archangel, built in the early twentieth century, and burned down in 1974 and a Roman Catholic church was built over the foundation. There is a cemetery where was buried a painter, sculptor and lover of Bieszczady mountains - the legendary Andrzej "Połonina" Wasilewski.

OP archiwum 13 | 125
6 Dec 2014 #3
Does the surname Chomczyk come from Kulaszne?
bobby 6 | 32
7 Dec 2014 #4
Yes and no doubt they would of known my relations, Kuper.

And heres another source
Lemko Surnames cited by Krasovs'kyj from 1787 Austrian Cadastral Records

Dziubak / Dzjubak ( 3 families)
Dorociak / Dorotsjak
Dziak / Djak
Michaliszyn / Mykhalyshyn ( 2 families)
Terek / Teryk
Feyko / Fejko
Fenio / Fen'o
Chalupniak / Khalupnjak
Chomczyk / Khomchyk ( 2 families)
Ciura / Tsjura
Jurenko ( 2 families)
Jacenko / Jatsenko
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
8 Dec 2014 #5
No, the main Chomczyk stronghold is the Białystok area with a bit of spill-over to the north onto the Suwałki area.
bobby 6 | 32
9 Dec 2014 #6
Well they had a good standing in Kulaszne being listed from at least 1787.

Asking the question, where did they come from needs lots of research :)

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