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Vasily Adinietz (spelling of last name could be Одинец, Одынец, Адынец and/or Odyniec)

Batman1943 1 | 6    
15 May 2018  #1
Hello from Canada,

I'm trying to get some information on my great grandfather and his family.

My great grand-father Vasily Adinietz (or Odinets) was married and had 2 children, one of them being my grand-mother Anna Vasilievna Adinietz (Odinets). I do not know the name of the wife or the other child but Anna was born on February 5, 1913 and passed away on September 1, 1980. Anna lived in Palestine from the 1930's? until her death and was buried at the Gornensky Convent in Jerusalem. She had a relative who was a nun at the Gornensky convent but no one knows her name.

The family surname could be Одинец, Одынец, Адынец and/or Odyniec (Одынец ) in Polish.

I have little information about them. Suposedly Vasily Adinietz (Odinets) and his family or his wife's family owned land and animals. I'm not sure if this is true or not. They are Russian Orthodox. I have a picture of the family. Vasily is seen wearing a uniform (police officer?), he has a medal pinned on his chest, probably a medal "For spotless service in the police". (Medal "For irreproachable service in police."). The badge on his cap shows, I think, is from The Governorate of Warsaw :"It's the coat of arms of the Warsaw governorate: in the azure shield there is a golden sheaf of rye framed by wavy silver belt. The shield is crowned with the Imperial Crown and is surrounded by golden oak leaves. Andrew`s ribbon."" I believe that Vasily uniform's insignia non-commissioned officer, so he could have participated in the war soldier.

I dont have the slightest idea where to start? Parish, baptism records, marriage records, where he was born, died, name of his wife and other child? Did he live in Warsaw, Odessa, Belarus, etc...?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,
kaprys 1 | 1,355    
15 May 2018  #2
How about starting with the immigration records? Right now you don't even know their country of origin.
The names (Vasyli not Bazyli, Vasielievna- daughter of Vasyli) and the religion suggest either Russian or Ruthenian origin. But who knows?
OP Batman1943 1 | 6    
16 May 2018  #3
I tried and nothing came up.
kaprys 1 | 1,355    
  16 May 2018  #4
How about contacting the state archives in Warsaw. At least you have Anna's birthdate.
Have you contacted the convent?
I really don't know where to look for a list of Russian police officers in partitioned Poland. Was he in Ochrana?

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