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Unanswered Polish names requests - anyone have information on the following?

PolskaDoll 28 | 2,104
7 Mar 2010 #1
The following list of names were requests regarding Polish names which were never answered.

Please read the list and if you can provide any information on the names please either quote the name when you answer or make sure that the name you are giving information on is written in your answer.

Although the people who originally made the requests may be long gone any information provided will be useful to others.
List of Names

Dylagowa, Dylagowka, Janucik, Bigora, Kumor, Konopelko, Golembiewski, Lorkowski, Krapko, Glazoska, Zedeczewski, szjnovsky, Fiwek, Szubski, Klimczyk, Konopinski Pazdzierz, Tarasewicz, Tarasevicius, Szynkowicz, synkowicz, Merecki, Dabrowski, Hawranik, Janik, Mazer, Mazur, Wilder, Kaszuba, Kasuba, Kasubinski, Maslanka

Kapelewski, Zielonylas, Bajkowski, szurpicki, Krzykalski, Zarolinski, Koper, Dil Staniec, Kozłowski, Matenkoski, Sowinski, Dolniak, Konowiecki, Renkoski / Renkowski / Rzenkowski, Kimpinski, Gonera, Dolengewicz / dolingemzg / Dolingo /Dorlanagewicz / Dolengewicz, Celiński, Graczyk, Jakelski, Agonis, Danek, Zuwala, Tarczyn, Szuszczewicz, Kendzierski, Kapchinsky, Dziemiańczuk, Lipski, Supinski, Kryskowiak, Paluch, Jarmicki / Jarmick, Kwasnik, Wikarski, Radzio, Klimaszewski, Dinte, Serwin, Kryskowiak, Waniowski, Betlej, Gembus, Shuski, Brzeszkiewicz, Dejewski, Rafinski, Zajdel, Sosnoski, Ziemann, Zaborowski, Dumanowski, Bielanski, Płoszaj, Lelakowski, Ciezczak, Juszyczyzn, Madrzykowski, Zawitkowski, Karczewski, Kulesza.

Thanks for your time. :)
SeanBM 35 | 5,808
8 Mar 2010 #2
It is kinda sad seeing all those names of people looking for their families, especially that noone answered their quires.
I hope they have better luck.
It is thoughtful of you to put them together PD.
plk123 8 | 4,148
8 Mar 2010 #3
it's just a bunch of surnames.. nothing really to write about them.. some have meaning some don't.. some may not even be real.. just names, i tell ya.
OP PolskaDoll 28 | 2,104
8 Mar 2010 #4
It is thoughtful of you to put them together PD.

They were put together by someone else, I'm just finishing the task on their behalf and thanks to them for doing it. :)

it's just a bunch of surnames.. nothing really to write about them.. some have meaning some don't.. some may not even be real.. just names, i tell ya.

True indeed. Some of them don't mean anything or have any known origin but others don't so if anyone has any information on any of the names it would be appreciated if they would write about it here.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
9 Mar 2010 #5
Marqoz - Here is the first batch and all I can manage today. Feel free to work on the ones I missed or any or all from Kapelewski to Kulesza (bottom part).

Dylągowa, Dylągówka: from dryląg (also dyląg, deląg, delong) - a tall gangly youth
Janucik, Janik: both derived from first name Jan, probably patronymic nicks = Johnson
Bigora: from bigoraj = clumsy oaf
Kumor: dialectic form of komar (mosquito)
Konopełka: from konopie (hemp); perhaps occupational nick for someone growing or dealing in hemp or topo from Konopki, Konopne, etc.
Gołembiewski: variant of Gołębiewski, topo nick from Gołębiewo
Krapko: probably topo nick from Krapkowice
Głazoska: feminine form of Głazowski, topo nick for someone from Głazów (Boulderville), , Szubski: from szuba (fur-lined cloak); possibly patronymic for son of someone sewing, selling or wearing said garment or topo from Szubsk or Szubin

Klimczyk: patronymic nick = son of Klimek (Klemens) or Cemson
Konopiński: topo nick Konopina or Konopiny (Hempton)
Paździerz: brittle stems of flax and hemp, nowadays used to make fibreboard; maybe topo nick from Paździorno
Tarasewicz: patronymic = son of Taras (popular Ukrainian name)
Tarasevièius: Lithuanian version of Tarasewicz
Szynkowicz: patronymic nick for son of someone nicknamed Szynka (ham) maybe because he hailed from Szynkówko
Dąbrowski: topo nick for someone from Dąbrowa (Oakton)
Hawranik: Ukrainian version of Gawronik (perhaps patronymic for son of Gawron (rook, the large crow-family bird), also means silly fool or black-haired person
Mazur: topo nick for someone from Mazury/Masuria
Kaszuba, Kasuba: topo nick for someone from Kashubia
Kasubiński: possibly patronymic nick for Kaszuba's or Kasuba's son
Maślanka: buttermilk (typical peasant name)
krysia 23 | 3,057
10 Mar 2010 #6
Kapelewski - from kapela - band
Zielonylas - a green forest
Bajkowski - from bajka -fairy tale
Krzykalski - one who yells or scream
Koper - Dill
Staniec - from standing up
Kozłowski -from a goat
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
13 Mar 2010 #7
RĘKOWSKI: original spelling of Renkowski, topo from Ręków or Rękowo (root-word ręka=hand)
KIMPIŃSKI: variant spelling of Kępiński topo from Kępino
GRACZYK: patronymic nick from gracz (folk musician)
KĘDZIERSKI: topo from Kędzierzyn (root-word kędziory=curls)
DZIEMIAŃCZUK: Ruthenian-influenced patronymic from first name Damian
ŚWIĄTEK: nick for pious or church-linked person or wood carver specialising in religious figures for wayside shrines: also topo from a locality incorporating the świąt- root

KRZSKOWIAK: variant spelling of Krzyśkowiak – patronymic=Chris’ son
PALUCH: big finger (personal trait)
WIKARSKI: patronymic for vicar’s son
WANIOWSKI: patronymic for Wania’s boy or topo from wan- locality
BETLEJ: Chjrsiotmas crib, possible nick for someone who hand-carved them
GEMBUS: from gęba (pejorative for mouth), possible big mouth
ZAJDEL: Polonisation of German Seidel (tankard, stein)
SOSNOWSKI: topo from Sosnów or Sosnowo (Pineville)
KARCZEWSKI: topo from Karczew or Karczewo (karczować=deforest, clear of trees)
KULESZA: cooked meal & water mush, poor peasant food

GONERA: variant of gonyra = old woman of ill-repute (old village wh*re)
CELIŃSKI: topo nick from Celiny
JAKIELSKI: probably patronymic nick from Jakiel (variant of Jankiel – Jewish first name, short for Jakub)
DANEK: hypocoristic form of Daniel, possibly serving as patronymic nick
JARMICKI: variant of Jermicki, probably patronymic nick from first name Jeromin or biblical name Jeremiasz
KWAŚNIK: possibly occupational nick for someone producing souring agents
RADZIO: hypocoristic form of Radzisław or Radosław
KLIMASEZWSKI: topo nick for inhabitant of Klimaszewo
ZIEMANN: German variant form of first name Simon
ZABOROWSKI: topo nick from Zaborów
P£OSZAJ: perhaps easily frightened person or someone employed to flush game for the lord’s shoot
LELAKOWSKI: possibly topo nick from Lelek
JUSZCZYSZYN: probably (bastard son’s) metronymic nick from Justyna
MĄDRZYKOWSKI: topo nick from Mądrzyków
7 Aug 2010 #8
I was always told that the meaning of Golembiewski was pigeon or dove. And many with this surname are located in southeastern Wisconsin.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
7 Aug 2010 #9
GO£ĘBIEWSKI/GO£EMBIEWSKI: root-word gołąb (dove, pigeon); probably topo nick
from Gołębiewo or Gołębiew (Doveton, Pigeonville, etc.)
Patrycja19 63 | 2,699
17 Mar 2011 #10
When asking for information on your family , you must provide more information then just the surname
and they came from poland.

if someone is willing to help, the more information provided will verify what is already known about
this family and any documents here will lead to the names of towns and other family that might be
in the current area.
Nickidewbear 23 | 584
20 Aug 2011 #11
And some of those families were lost in the Shoah, or at least lost branches in the Shoah, and/or made aliyah. What else would you like me to tell you?
20 Feb 2012 #12
Merged: Krulicki / Mryglocka

Looking for info on Franko (born 1861) Krulicki
married to Marja Mryglocka (born 1865) when? where?
in galicia
Children Ignace, Michael, Marion, Watko. Stella, Stephen, Stanislova
Possibly Kozlow, Eastern Galicia
Couple and children came to Canada and settled in Manitoba
Klimczak - | 1
27 Jun 2012 #13
Merged: Does any one know any relatives of Marian Zygmont Klimczak?

Does any one know any relatives of Marian Zygmont Klimczak, born in Nowy Sacz on 10.08.1928.
He is my father and I would like to contact any relatives,
Sbrogo - | 1
7 Nov 2013 #14
Merged: Looking for relatives of Fedor and Sofia Kuzmin from Jawor, Poland.

I am interested in finding any relatives of Fedor and Sofia Kuzmin. They lived in or around Jawor, Poland.
7 Jul 2015 #15
I'm looking for relatives of my great grandfather, Gustav Paul Bensch - born 27 May 1890 in Kozów, then Kosendau. He went by his middle name, Paul. He was married (don't know her name) and living in Jawor in 1929. He visited the U.S. in 1929 for an unknown reason and when he returned in 1933, his family was gone.

A researcher from Legnica tracked down the birth certificate for Gustav Paul Bensch. His parents were listed as Wilhelm Bensch and Ernestine Zingel and they were evangelical. The researcher looked for birth records of siblings in the Legnica archive, but did not find any. My family does believe there were several brothers though.

Any information would be appreciated!
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
7 Jul 2015 #16
BENSCH: surname of German origin, derived from the first name Benedikt. Some 100 users in Poland, the largest cluster in and around the city of Poznań (German: Posen). Some 3,800 people using the Bensch surname in Germany.
29 Jul 2015 #17
Thanks for your reply on the Betlej and Gembus surnames.

My 84 year old Aunt Lottie Gembus (Wladslawa) was so pleased to learn about her name.

Thank you,

Rick Bentley (Betlej)
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
29 Jul 2015 #18
Aunt Lottie Gembus

Be sure to give her my best regards: Najserdeczniejsze życzenia z Warszawy. Szczęść Boże!
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
30 Jul 2015 #19
Polonius - I've been reading about some guy who claims partial Polish heritage. His name is Wiebe, but do you think that's just a corruption of the Germanic Weiße?
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
30 Jul 2015 #20
Of course this is highly speculative, but it may go back to the Old High German root "wig" which had to do with war, struggle, conflict, etc. It has generated such surnames as Wiebke and over the generations the "k" may have got lost and ended up as Wiebe. That's regarding only the name -- its bearers may have been Polsih or of any other ethnicity. If an ethnic German came to or was born in Polish territory and subsequent generations intermarried exlcusively or primarily with Polish natives, at what point would the namesake cease being German?

Besides, maybe he is part Polish thanks to his maternal line.
11 Sep 2017 #21
my last name is Dolengewicz

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