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Tracing Josef's family

Ant63 13 | 410
11 Oct 2014 #1
A while back I mentioned I had traced my birth mother (I was adopted) and there may be a Polish connection other than my partner. Not so, but Henryk, my birth mothers partner is of Polish descent. His father escaped with five others from a german work party building runways for the Luftwaffe. They made their way across Europe and Josef became a member of the Free Polish Airforce. He was naturalised after the war and married an English woman. He apparently spoke very little of his past, except for the terrible time they had passing through France. The French he encountered were mostly collaborators. It is believed that he had a wife and daughter in Poland and that he originated from the Poznan area. His surname is less notable from other parts of Poland so this is highly likely. Henryk would like to trace his half sister although she would be in her late 70's, possibly 80's now if she survived the war.

Being as we can connect the dots to Poznan, where would be the best starting point of our search? My partner is Polish so language is no barrier.
Looker - | 1,134
16 Oct 2014 #2
Here are just the first names provided - it will be tough for somebody to find out more about your family without more data - names, dates...

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