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Toczynski name?

David_18 68 | 982
5 Jan 2007 #1
The name Toczynski is very rare in Poland but not in US. WHYYYYYYYYYYY?. its like only my family that have this name in poland but in the US many poles have this name. if you know someone in the US or poland that have this name tell me. it would be fun to know how many "Toczynski" you know. BTW look how comment this names are Toczynski/Kazcynski. Scary isent it?
Babylon 16 | 192
5 Jan 2007 #2
Toczyński gives 43 web pages in Google engine so It is common and everyday surname and I look on this pages and all of them refer to Polish families in Poland not US one, so it is common, not us much us Nowak or Kowalski but common
OP David_18 68 | 982
5 Jan 2007 #3
When i look in "GOOGLE" i find more american ones:(
14 Jan 2007 #4
My name is Jim Toczynski. I live in Manistee, Michigan. When I first got on-line, I was kind of surprised to find other "toczynski's". Do you know what part of Poland your family came from? I have seen there are toczynski's in Bullafo New York, California, and other places too.
30 Jan 2007 #5
I think I have an Americanized version of that name, Touchinsky.

Other than my grandfather's relatives and my family, I don't know of any other Touchinsky's. I've been told that the polish version of the name is quite common.

My email is dr.(mylastname)(at)gmail(dot)com (everything is spelled out because I do not want an automatic program to pick up my email and spam me)
jcsm 3 | 88
31 Jan 2007 #6

Putting in spaces works too!

If any wants to find their ancestoral town & trace their family, please email. No promises!
1 Mar 2007 #7
My grandmothers name was Toczko. from Wara. I understand that there are many spellings of this name and also male and female versions, I think! She had a couple of different spellings, one Toczek, the other Toshick. So there are plenty of them out there, just try and find the one that belongs to you!
OP David_18 68 | 982
15 Nov 2007 #8
Well if anyone have/Had a family by the name Toczynski or Pomorski in kolomya/mielec/Rzeszow. then post here and maybe we can see if we have any family connections.
29 Jan 2010 #9
my great grandmother's maiden name was Pomorski, but that is all I know
jwojcie 2 | 763
29 Jan 2010 #10
Well David, look here :

It is quite probable, that your ancestry is from middle east of Poland. As it turns out I know a few of Toczynski's. Who knows, maybe some of them are your relatives, because there isn't many of them in Poland realtively speaking. In fact it is quite likely..

Ech, old old thread, it is a shame
Olaf 6 | 956
29 Jan 2010 #11
Yep, way over 300 Toczyńskis in Poland. So not so rare as you can see.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
29 Jan 2010 #13
TOCZYŃSKI: root-word toczyć (to turn or roll), but probably a toponymic nick (most -ski names are!) from such places as Toczeń, Toczyski, Toczyska or Toczyłowo (Turnton, Rollville?) More than 600 users in today's Poland, the biggest single concentration being in eastern Poland's Biała Podlaska area.
8 Oct 2010 #14
I am searching a Toczynski branch of my family that came from Meilec POland. I am searching for decendants of Carlus and Anna(rajpot) please let me know if you think it is possible that this could be relevant

Thank you so much
OP David_18 68 | 982
8 Oct 2010 #15
Sweet Jesus this thread is old.

I'm pretty sure that i can help you with this. Pm me if you're interested.
22 Oct 2010 #16
Yes I would be interested in anything that you have to share with me. You could email me at if that would be easier

Thank you
9 Nov 2014 #17
Hi Katie,

My grandmother was Maria Katrina Toczynska born in Mielec, Poland and my mother Elizabeth Maria Gajewska was born there too. We live in Sydney, Australia now.

Maria's parents were Anna Reipold (Polish-born but whose parents were colonists from Bavaria) and Karol Gajewski.

My mother just found and met a first cousin in Canada - Maria Toczynska, whose father was Mateusz Toczynski from Mielec.

Are we related?


By the way, Anna Reipold and Karol Toczynski from Mielec had 10 children. :)
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
29 Nov 2014 #18
TOCZYŃSKI: basic root is toczyć (to roll, to turn on lathe); most likely a topo nick from Toczeń (roughly: Rollville, Turnerton) meaning "the bloke from Toczeń".

A coat of arms accompanies this surname.

NOTE: For detailed info please contact: me.

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