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Szczyglinski Sluchaj, possibility of being Russian?

Scorpion ext ru - | 8
29 Jan 2010 #31
Ye Mystic about that question of yours,well it doesnt matter (the ancestry thing) but if you are intrested in that , you should check some books about that or get some professional help (if there is such a thing). "Goooseeesomethingelse" O yeah thanks a LOT!
Nickidewbear 23 | 609
30 Nov 2014 #32
It's far more chance that the family had some Lithuanian, Belarussian or Ukrainian interbreeding.

Nice..."interbreeding"? Since when did they become animals?
vomLomza 2 | 9
1 Dec 2014 #33
Is there any possibility this name, Szczyglinski, can be a miss-spelling for Szczygielski ??
My GGgrandmother is Jozefa Szczygielska. Daughter of Mutsorzkow <SP> Szczygielski and Helena Markiewicz.

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