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27 Feb 2013 #1
I am searching for further information about my great grandfather Szymon Pietras and his spouse Antonia Pietras, maiden name unknown. Szymon was born on April 13, 1894 in Wojcin, Poland and Antonia was born on January 9, 1898 in Koza, Poland. They had four children; Antoni, Sylvester, Julianna, and Peter (my grandfather). Peter Pietras was born on May 22, 1925 in Koza and went on to marry Genevieve Dlubala, who was born in Rouvroy, France (although both of her parents were from Poland). I believe they came to the United States with their son, my dad, Henry Wladyslaw Pietras in 1965. I would like to know more about Szymon, Antonia, Peter, Genevieve, and any of their ancestors as well as where they came from. Any information regarding any of the above would be greatly appreciated.

Genifer Pietras
(University of Connecticut- Storrs)
mrozenbe - | 12
27 Feb 2013 #2
I am descendant of Dłubała from Częstochowa Area.
I could help if your researches get to my region.
polonius 54 | 420
3 Mar 2013 #3
PIETRAS: One of myriad surnames traceable to the first name Piotr (Peter) or its dialectal version Pieter. One szlachta (gentry) line.

D£UBA£A: Belongs to a small group of surnames formed from the past tense of the verb, in this case dłubać (to gouge, pick, fidget). No blue-bloods amongst its bearers.
17 Sep 2013 #4
My great grandfather was named Antoni Pietras from Zabrnie, near Debica and Tarnow, southern Poland. He was born in Zabrnie, near Debica and Tarnow, southern Poland, March 30, 1891. His parents died in Poland.

Mr. Pietras came to this country in 1907. He worked on the construction of the New York State Barge Canal, was employed later at the Rome Locomotive Works and Rome Grader (now Pettibone Mulliken), and last worked for Revere's Rome Division. He had been retired several years because of illness.

He married the former Stephania Krupski in Utica June 4, 1912. She was a native of Medrzechow, also near Tarnow, Poland. She died April 10, 1964.

It's a long shot but this may be the Antoni. We do not know of any brothers or sisters he may have had.

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