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Surname WILK

10 Aug 2007 #1
Szukam krewnych w Stanach o nazwisku WILK, ktorych przodkowie na poczatku XX lub pod koniec XIX w opuscili wies MALAWA pod RZESZOWEM Moi Dziadkowie to KATARZYNA i ALEKSANDER WILK

Mieszkam w Hiszpanii skad serdecznie pozdrawiam

Piotr Wilk

I am looking for living my relatives in the USA with the surname WILK from MALAWA (close to RZESZOW) Their Fathers left MALAWA in XX or XIX a

Greetings from Spain

Piotr Wilk
smalluck 1 | 3
5 Sep 2007 #2
One of my husband's uncles was Walter Wilk. He was a Polish immigrant to USA in early 1900's. One of the happiest men I ever knew. His son and others now live in Central Falls, Rhode Island. I have no contact with them now. If I ever find out what city they came from, I will relay message to you.
Krzysztof 2 | 973
6 Sep 2007 #3
Wilk rankes among top 50 most popular surnames in Poland, so not every Wilk will be your relative, I guess,
and watch out for "Wilk w owczej skórze" of course :)
Peter 3 | 247
6 Sep 2007 #4
The Wilk surname appears in my family tree. Not much info about however.

My great grand-aunt married a Nicolaus Wilk in 1838 in Sokal. Sokal is just over the border in the Ukraine. They had 2 daughters, Catharin and Marianna born 1839 and 1841.

Do you have dates of birth, when they arrived in the USA, etc?

Have you tried searching the records on and the Ellis Island database?
smalluck 1 | 3
8 Sep 2007 #5
Please translate "Wilk w owczej skórze" for those of us who are illiterate. We need to know what to look out for also! LOL Thank you
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
8 Sep 2007 #6
"Wilk w owczej skórze"

Wolf in sheep's clothing.
6 Jul 2010 #7
Hi! I am decended from the Wilks in Central Falls. My great great grandmother was Krystyna Wilk who married Mikel Jadach. My great grandmother was their daughter Stephanie who married John Gorczynski. I am trying to find out more information on the Wilks who immigrated to Central Falls from Poland. If anyone can give me information, I would appreciate it!

20 Jul 2016 #8
Merged: Researching Wilk and Kostro surnames

Hi guys-
I'm researching these surnames. In particular looking for:
Veronica Jadwiga Kostro, born approx. 1943 in Poland. Her birthplace was a province that begins with an O and starts with something like "Nie". She has/had 3 sisters and 4 brothers and came from a farming family. One of her sisters came to live in Canada around 1970.Her father was born in 1898 and her mother born in 1906.

Adam Wilk, born approx. 1943 in Poland. I do not know much else about him except that he lived in Canada around 1970 and was employed as a labourer.

If you know any info at all, much appreciated!

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