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Surname: Krowiorz from Trembatschau (Trebaczow) / Sikora (Schikora?)

MartAnthony 2 | 38
21 Apr 2015 #31
We had an Old church book added in on My Has names back to the 1600's now that link to Schikora and Krowiorz..the book was from Trembatschau.
Ziemowit 13 | 4,342
21 Apr 2015 #32
An interesting historical side note for you may be that many of the villages mentioned in this thread are situated in the so-called "Kraik Rychtalski" ("Reichthaler Ländchen"). This area which historically was part of Silesia (in the Lower Silesia Province) was transfered to Poland in 1919 on the decision of the Versaille Treaty. From then on it has been part of Wielkopolska (Greater Poland) and not Silesia.

The reason for this was that the majority of its population (excluding the town of Rychtal, however) was Polish-speaking and Catholic. According to the German census of 1905, Bralin, for example, had 1335 inhabitants of which there were 1034 Catholics (including 938 Polish-speaking and 96 German-speaking ones) and 308 Protestants (including 172 Polish-speaking, 136 German-speaking and 10 Czech-speaking ones); the town had also 13 Jews in 1905.

Here is some additional info (in Polish) on that :
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
24 Apr 2015 #33
KROWIORZ: Silesian pronunciation/spelling of krowiarz (cowherd)

SIKORA: titmouse (bird species).

Home / Genealogy / Surname: Krowiorz from Trembatschau (Trebaczow) / Sikora (Schikora?)
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