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Surname: Krowiorz from Trembatschau (Trebaczow) / Sikora (Schikora?)

mattkrow 3 | 11
19 Jan 2009 #1
I am from the US. I found that my great,great grandfather was born in the city of Trembatschau, which I have found out is now called Trebaczow, in 1864. He immigrated to the US in 1881. The only other thing I know about him is his wifes name and that she was born in Neudorf. How and who could I contact in Trebaczow to obtain some more information?
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
19 Jan 2009 #2

Be careful there were at least a dozen places in Poland with this name.

Do you have more info so that we can help you be more precise.
OP mattkrow 3 | 11
20 Jan 2009 #3
I dont have anymore info on Julia who was born in Neudorf. I did notice that there were alot of towns with that name. I'm concentrating more on Joseph who was born in Trembatschau. I'm just trying to find someone who could possibably lead me in the direction of the person who would have access to the records from Trembatschau.
Richard Kurzawa - | 2
21 Jan 2009 #4
The name KROWIOZ ist in the church book Trembatschau available.
By what name, first name are you looking for?
Krowiorz, Joseph, born 1837 Trembatschau, Father: Krowiorz, Michel, farmer, Housewife: Sonnek, Julie, married: 11.11.1863 in Trembatschau
Ist this ok
Richard Kurzawa

Hello Mattkrow
I think, Joseph Krowiorz, is maybe the father from Joseph Krowiorz. You see, Joseph Krowiorz was born 1837, he married 1863. Your Joseph Krowiorz is born 1864 in Trembatschau. It is possible.

The family Sonnek is from Trembatschau emigrated in the USA. You must google Sonnek.
Richard Kurzawa
OP mattkrow 3 | 11
22 Jan 2009 #5
Hello Richard
That is great information for me. I am very thankful. I did have some information that Joseph's mothers maiden name was Sonnek,but I did not know if it was correct. Where did you get this information, and how can I access it to be able to get some copies made of the documents. Thank you very much. Matt

Thread attached on merging:
Trying to Find Church In Trebaczow (Trembatschau)

I'm trying to find a church in Trebaczow(Trembatschau). I want to see if I can obtain some copies of some vital records of my ancestors who lived their.
Richard Kurzawa - | 2
23 Jan 2009 #6
Hello Mattkrow,
I will send you the picture. Please tell me Your Email-Adress:
I have two picture of Curchbook Trembatschau withes Data:
Ich read in German:

den 11. November 1863 ist aus Trembatschau der ehrsame und tugendsame Junggeselle Haeusler Joseph Krowiorz, aeltester Sohn des hierselbst verstorbenen Haeuslers
Michel Krowiorz mit der Julie Sonnek, aelteste Tochter des Bauern Johann Sonnek von Herrn Pfarrer Stasch getraut worden.
Zeugen: Johann Kula und Paul Jokiel
Richard Kurzawa

ns: This Picture is an Part of Mormondata in Utah (
OP mattkrow 3 | 11
23 Jan 2009 #7
Hello Richard
My email is mattkrow@yahoo. Thank you.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
23 Jan 2009 #8
There is an e-mail option in your profile. When activated, only forum members will see it.
OP mattkrow 3 | 11
5 Jun 2009 #9
Thread attached on merging:
Looking for someone who lives near Trebaczow

I live in the US and have found that my great,great grandfather was born in Trembatschau,Selesia,Poland back in 1864. I believe it is now called Trebaczow. His name was Joseph Krowiorz. I believe his mothers name might have been Julie Sonnek and his fathers name might have been Joseph as well. If know one can help me, can someone at least point me in the direction of who to get in contact with to possibably find out information. Thanks.
vewato - | 1
5 Jun 2009 #11
Trembatschau (Trebaczow) www .
Please communicate in German: reinhard.otto.frauendorf(ät)
MartAnthony 2 | 38
15 Aug 2009 #12
Merged: Searching for info on name Schikora and Krowiorz

Looking for info on Schikora from Kunersdorf, Trembatschau, Glausche,
great grandfather was
Josef Schikora born 14 march 1867 died 21 feb 1933
great grandmother
Marianne Krowiorz born 1870 in Trembatschau

married 1 feb 1892 in Trembatschau
they had 10 children I have names but need birth places and dates of some.

Marianne Krowiorz father was name Joseph Krowiorz and all her sisters and brothers moved to the USA minnesota. we have lost contact with this side of the family over the last 25 years. I am in Vancouver Canada

Josef Schikora father was named Andreas Schikora from Glausche.

Any Info is most welcome thanks.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
18 Aug 2009 #13
Schikora - German phonetic respellign of Sikora (coaltit, a small bird), a popular Polish surname.
Krowiorz - Silesian/Highlander pronunciation/spelling of Krowiarz (cowherd).
Ksysia 25 | 430
19 Aug 2009 #14
Trembatchau is today Trębaczów, next to Oleśnica, next to Wrocław. The name means the trumpet village.

You can find relations through or the Polish, this service will show you the spread of yout last names in European countries.

Sikora and Krowiorz are both Silesian names

If you read German, check this forum out:
MartAnthony 2 | 38
13 Sep 2009 #15
Thank you I knew Sikora it is a kind of bird. and I knew Krowiorz was to do with cows somehow. Its great to be sure of these.

Also I have found a couple of lost cousines in the USA so far from the Krowiorz side.

Great to have this web site for help.
beazee - | 31
13 Sep 2009 #16


MartAnthony 2 | 38
16 Sep 2009 #17
Well I just got a list of all Mairanne Krowiorz brothers and sisters that moved to the USA.
This site was great help in finding the info.

Zenon - | 1
28 Sep 2009 #18

Look at this page here: polishorigins/surnames/show/id/473/ . It seems that there is someone who is looking for Krowiorz from Trebaczow...
MartAnthony 2 | 38
8 Oct 2009 #19
Thank you Zenon but I have chatted with matt and yes he is related.
OP mattkrow 3 | 11
28 Dec 2009 #20
Why do you post the same message in new threads?

Dec 28, 09, 04:16 - Thread attached on merging:
Anyone live in Southern part of Wielkopolskie?

My name is Matt Krowiorz. I think I have some relatives that live in the southern part of Wielkopolskie. Could possibly be in the Dolnoslaskie as well. My great, great grandfather was from Trebaczow. So I'm guessing maybe some are still in the area possibly. I saw on a list that was conducted before the 49 province's were cut down to 16, that the surname Krowiorz showed up 22 times in Kaliskie, which is now in Wielkopolskie. It said that is was a small part of the South East in Lodzkie. What I'm wanting is if someone would have access to a phone book. So I could write a letter to a possible relative to see if they can help me with finding out more about my past. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

I guess I don't understand what the issue is? I have found some confirmation that there are people who are alive that live in Poland with my last name. I still have not found a way to obtain names and address' of people in Poland. I do not have access to a phone book from over there and can not find a way to obtain that information on the internet.
MartAnthony 2 | 38
7 Feb 2010 #21
Hello everyone.
Can anyone out there tell me the New names for these town?


Grossen ( Kreis ) Wohlau, Schlesien, Germany




Fürstlich Neudorf,

I am thinking they are not far from Wroclaw (Breslau), Silesia
Steveramsfan 2 | 306
7 Feb 2010 #22
My girlfriends mums side is called Sikora. They live near Uniejow in lodzkie.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
7 Feb 2010 #23
Can anyone out there tell me the New names for these town?

Kunersdorf, Konradowo

Grossen ( Kreis ) Wohlau, Schlesien, Germany Grodzanow

Trembatschau, look at the map. you'll see Furstlich Neudorf too

Glausche, Gluszyna

Neudorf, loads of places with this name

Fürstlich Neudorf, see above
MartAnthony 2 | 38
7 Feb 2010 #24
Kunersdorf, Schlesien, Germany
Brzezia Laka...or...Konradowo. but how would I know which one?

Grossen ( Kreis ) Wohlau, Schlesien, Germany
Now is = Grodzanow, Wolowski, Dolnoslaskie, Poland

Trembatschau, Silesia, Germany
Now is = Trebaczow, Kepinski, Wielkopolskie, Poland

Fürstlich Neudorf, Silesia, Germany
Now is = Nowa Wies Ksiazeca, Kepinski, Wielkopolskie, Poland

Glausche, Namslau, Schlesien, Germany
Now is = to the east of wroclaw but I can not find.

Glogau, Schlesien, Germany
Now is = Glogow, Glogowski, Dolnoslaskie, Poland
Trevek 26 | 1,702
7 Feb 2010 #25
A useful page for translation of place names german/Polish
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
8 Feb 2010 #26,_Opole_Voivodeship

this might help:

you should find a translate option at the top of the page.
przemek79 - | 12
8 Feb 2010 #27
In my opinion it would be hard to find anyone who lived there before II World War, or any people with roots. In 1945th when Red Army was comming, Germans managed evacuation from Silesia. I think not so many people came back, and who came could be find as a spy or German... and then removed to Germany.

Easier would be find the house, if it exists. 1 year ago I had bought a house in Riemberg (Roscislawice) and then I found there many mementos and souvenirs from the past (especially beer bootles :D )

MartAnthony 2 | 38
8 Feb 2010 #28
Found it.

Glausche, Schlesien, Germany
Now is = Gluszyna,Namyslowski,Opolskie, Poland

All my relatives on my fathers side are from Schlesien and I am starting to find records for the areas. I now have some back to the mid 1700's. Not bad since all i had to start with was a couple of great grand parents names. from the late 1800's.

This is why I need to be sure which town I am looking for.

Feb 14, 10, 05:36 - Thread attached on merging:
Looking for info on Andreas SCHIKORA born abt. 1853

was born abt. 1853
in Glausche, Schlesien, Germany ( Now is = Gluszyna,Namyslowski,Opolskie, Poland )

he had at least 1 son in 1867

and was married to Magd Maria FIOLKA born 1861
in 08 Jan 1893 in Trembatschau, Silesia, Germany ( Now is = Trebaczow, Kepinski, Wielkopolskie, Poland )

I know he had a wife before Magd Maria FIOLKA.

Any info would be helpful.
caprice49 4 | 224
11 Feb 2010 #29

Records for under 100 years can be obtained at:-
Urząd Stanu Cywilnego
PL- 63-642 Perzów

Trebaczow, Kepinski, Wielkopolskie, Poland

Records for under 100 years can be obtained at:-
Urząd Stanu Cywilnego
PL- 63-642 PerzówOver 100 years are obtainable from the national archives.

Records were kept in various churches of which the following cover the parish of Trebaczow.

1) Sw. Idziego Opata
But I understand this church burnt down in 1916 and was rebuilt later therefore records may have been destroyed.
Adres: Domasłów 84, 63-642 Perzów
Telefon: (62) 786-11-68
Fax: (62) 786-11-68

There is also another church in Trębaczów_
2)Kościół pw.w Wniebowzięcia NMP w Trębaczowie
Trębaczów 31
63–642 Perzów
tel. fax. 062 786 11 73
Parish priest: Ksiądz Piotr Szkudlarek

3)św. Andrzeja Apostoła
Słupia p/Bralinem 5
63–642 Perzów
tel. 062 786 10 78
Parish priest: Ksiądz Piotr Sobiś

4) NMP Wniebowziętej
Trębaczów 31
63–642 Perzów
tel. fax. 062 786 11 73
Parish priest: Ksiądz Eugeniusz Walczak

5)Turkowy - Dziesięciu Tysięcy Męczenników
Turkowy 2
63–642 Perzów
tel. fax. 062 786 10 92
Parish priest: Ryszard Zieliński
15 Feb 2010 #30
I've been searching for information re August Schikora, who married my husband's great aunt, Delia Flannigan, in Chicago, probably in the early 1900's. I know they had at least one son according to census records from that era. If there's any possibility this family might have been connected to your's, please feel free to contact me and I'll happily share what information I have.

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