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surname FIUK

22 Aug 2012 #1
hello, i am doing reseach about my polish grandfather who was born (1925) and raised in BORSZOWICE and died in 1992 in germany. i looked the internet up and down trying to find out anything about BORSZOWICE (near kielce) or his surname FIUK but i could hardly find anything, besides that the name fiuk seems to be a quite common surname in some parts of poland. does anyone know anything about this surname and where it originates? also, i have reasons to believe that my grandfather may have been jewish and this is the main reason i am doing the research. if anyone would have specific information about the surname FIUK and the village BORSZOWICE that would be great (actually there are two BORSZOWICE very close to each other but i don't know for sure which one my grandfather was from, i'm still trying to find that out...). there is still family living in kielce today but there is not any contact i guess mostly because of the unability to communicate... .. thanks a lot for any kind of information.
sofijufka 2 | 191
23 Aug 2012 #2
it could from the old-polish word for some kind of broth or from word "fiukać" [whistle, pipe]. Maybe from hungarian: fiuk - boys
boletus 30 | 1,366
23 Aug 2012 #3
Surname Fiuk derives from:
1. Old Polish noun 'fiuk', a kind of pottage, soup
2. Old Polish verb 'fiukać', to whistle

fiuk - a dialectal noun meaning a whistle, from the verb 'fiukać' - to whistle.
fiukać - colloquially gwizdać, świstać - to whistle, to whiz, to swish
fiuki - plural of fiuk - little insignificant things; irrelevant matter. Example: "Tobie tylko fiuki w głowie" - You have only tiny things in your mind.

There are several villages in Poland derived from the name 'fiuk':
1. Fiuk, Gmina (municipality) Żabno, Tarnów County, Małopolskie (Lesser Poland) Voivodship
2. Fiuków, Gmina Krzywda, £uków County, Lublin Voivodship

actually there are two BORSZOWICE very close to each other

That's true, the two are only 38 km apart:
1. Borszowice, Gmina Imielno, Jędrzejów County, Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, E of Jędrzejów
2. Borszowice, Gmina Sędziszów, Jędrzejów County, Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, WSW of Jędrzejów
3. There was also Borszowice in Ukraine, Stary Sambor region, Lwów Province; Now Борше́вичі - село в Україні, Старосамбірському районі Львівської області.

Roman-Catholic parishes:
St. Nicolas Parish Parish Imielno, Parafia Św. Mikołaja, 28-313 Imielno, ul. Kościelna 2
tel. 41-385-12-23

St. Peter and Paul Parish Sędziszów, 28-340 Sędziszów, ul. Kościelna 10
tel. 41-381-10-14, wik. 41-381-27-98

According to Geneteka, Świętokrzyskie Voivodship, there were 48 marriages of Fiuk grooms or brides, between 1800 and 1950, mostly in the following places:
Imielno, Piotrkowice, Jędrzejów
Similarly, there were 91 births during the same period at the same localities
Start here:, select

None of these records point to Sędziszów.

I conclude that your grandfather was born in Borszowice, Gmina Imielno, as Roman-Catholic. The details are to be found in Imielno Parish.
Archiwum Państwowe w Kielcach (National Archive in Kielce) keeps mostly the 19th century records, but only few from 1900s, so I suspect that the remaining records are in Parish Imielno.

Just in case I missed something check this:
OP dvash
23 Aug 2012 #4
wow thank you both so much for the fast replies and boletus for so much detailed helpful and interesting information and tips!!! i am an absolute genealogy beginner and had no idea where to start. my father always tells me that the name fiuk originated in scandinavia but i had doubts about it. so interesting the word roots!! i looked through the genetaka (with the help of google translation) but those family members that i know the names and the approx. birth / marriage / death dates did not match. could this be another hint that the family was originally jewish and thus not recorded in the roman catholic registers? or do i simply need to get more precise information (dates, etc.)? boletus do you think there is a possibility that he was jewish despite the surname (which may have been changed) and the location where he was born? there are hints from his personal and family history plus (according to my grandmother) he was circumcised (i know could have been for health reasons) but still... thanks again for the help!!
boletus 30 | 1,366
23 Aug 2012 #5
my father always tells me that the name fiuk originated in scandinavia but i had doubts about it.

Everything's possible, but statistically, thanks to Google, the two most probable guesses are Polish "fiuk" and Hungarian "fiúk" (boys) - as Sofijufka said. I saw the latter too, but rejected it on the basis that the word is plural. Not much luck with such statistical guesses with Danish, Swedish, or Norwegian languages. Besides think of Occam's razor.

i looked through the genetaka

Geneteka is an ongoing genealogy project, based on volunteer work of those who were interested in particular parishes. Rather than extracting records related to one surname (of their own ancestors) they were kind enough to microfilm the entire sets and then convert them to text. This is a lot of work, you need to appreciate this. The sets may be incomplete, containing only selected time periods, or only sets of marriages, or only sets of baptism certificates, or deaths.

For example, here are the list of various sets already done:
And here are the sets undergoing indexing, together with the names of the volunteers.

boletus do you think there is a possibility that he was jewish despite the surname

Again, everything is possible. I might have jumped to conclusions too early - forgetting that Sędziszów might have not been indexed yet by Geneteka. And my conclusions were statistical rather than exact, based on the number of surnames FIUK appearing in Imielno parish. On the other hand, the "PRADZIAD" database provides the information where else you can browse the records from Imielno (besides the parish). Notice that I selected there ALL religions. If there was Jewish community around Imielno, it would be shown on the list, but it shows only Roman-Catholic records. In many other localities records of up to five religions will be shown: Jewish, Roman-Catholic, Greek-Catholic, Orthodox, Evangelic-Augsburg.

The rest is up to you: you ether go (in person or by proxy) to national archives, or to parish archives and browse their books or microphilms in search of specific records. Then use PRADZIAD to figure out where the Jewish records from Sędziszów are stored. Or you can just play a boring, statistical game with google: [Fiuk Borszowice], [Fiuk Imielno], [Fiuk Sędziszów]. Watch how many Fiuks live there nowadays and what do they do. You might be having luck and discover few little pearls this way.
dvash - | 1
28 Aug 2012 #6
many many thanks, boletus, your help is greatly appreciated!
i am definitely a lot wiser than before i posted my questions and will try to search in the suggested directions.
stokrotnie dziękuję!

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