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Surname - Czolgosz

30 Jun 2010 #1
The Czolgosz family from Gora/ Znin area

I'm looking for Augustinus Czolgosz (Czalgosz) and Francisca Zielinska
Children: Michael, Marianna, Melchior, Mathaus, Simon, Andrae, Hedvigis-Hedwig, Catharina, Wojciech Albert George, Paul, Rosalia, & John. The children were all born in Gora. Michael,Wojciech, Paul & possibly John all immigrated to U.S. around the 1870's. I would love to find family that remained in Poland.

Thank you,
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
30 Jun 2010 #2
CZO£GOSZ: root-word probably the verb czołgać się (to crawl, creep). Could it have been given to a villager frequently seen crawling home from the inn? In Polonia, Leon Czołgosz is remembered as the anarchist who assassinated US President McKinley in Buffalo, NY in the early 20th century.

Tracking down family should not be too difficult considering the small number of bearers of the Czołgosz surname. For more info contact me
18 Feb 2012 #3
Hello - Are you the Vivian who wrote to me via I tried to reply and had a failure. I'm at MCzolgosz@yahoo.

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