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Strzelecki, Gajewski, Letkiewicz, Piatek surnames - tracking my Great-Grand-mothers Family

Bluemonkeyeyes 2 | 2
15 Feb 2012 #1
Hello , I am searching for some help on trying to find my great grand mothers side of side who stayed in Poland ( Warszawa ) .. I have a few names and dates and an address .. I am from the USA and its hard to search on the Poland Google site , seeing I don't speak Polish . I am really trying to find out where my Great Great grand parents are buried at and trying to see where can I obtain any records of them . It would be nice to try to find someone who is still living . I hope someone can help !! Please you think you can help , reply back to me .. email : or on facebook Denis Wojtasik .. Thank you soo much !!
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
15 Feb 2012 #2
we need a name and more exact town or village info, if we are to help.
OP Bluemonkeyeyes 2 | 2
15 Feb 2012 #3
My Great Grand mother name was Anna Teresa Strzelekca born in 1897 she came to USA in 1921 from Julianow Poland , she was the daughter of ( My Great Great Grand Parents ) Antonia ( Paniec ?) & Alexander Strzelecki .. Anna had 2 sisters who stayed in Poland Stefania ( Strzelecka ) Pora who married Stanislaw Pora .. They had a daughter named Sofie (pora) Gajewska ... Anna' other sister' was Julia (Strzelecka ) Letkiewicz and she was born in 1904 and passed away in 1984 ish .. Julia had a daughter named wanda Letkiewicz Born on March 27 1930 and married George ( Jerzy ) Piatek on December 26 1953 Wanda and Jerzy both died about 3-4 years ago in Warszawa Poland .. Wanda and Jerzy Piatek had a son Christopher Piatek who was born on august 5 1957 and he married Margaret on May 10 1979 .. Christopher and Margaret Piatek has a daughter named Monica Piatek who was born in 1988 . I hope this info helps .

Warszawa 01-456 , ul krePowieckiego 7a 149 , Poland was the last known place of Wanda and Jerzy Piatek .. They recently passed away a few years ago , about 3-4 years ago . . Their son may live near this address ... is there a way you can find a church - Parish near the area of this address . I can try to find a church they were involved in to see if they have any documents of them , where I can reverse the research of Wanda Piatek ..
JonnyM 11 | 2,620
16 Feb 2012 #4
Krepowieckiego is in Wola. Your best bet is to write to the parish church (kosciol parafialny} on ul. Szczecińskiego 5. 01-113 Warszawa. This is their website:
OP Bluemonkeyeyes 2 | 2
16 Feb 2012 #5
Thank You .. I just emailed the parish , hopefully they have some information . i will let you know what the say when or If I get a reply .
archiwum 13 | 125
5 Mar 2012 #6

There is an organization on PolishGen called PIAST. Maybe they can help you.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
6 Mar 2012 #7
WOJTASIK: traceable e to both Wojtek (pet name for Wojciech = Adalbert) and wójt (village mayor). In both cases it looks to be a patronymic tag (rough English equivalents: Alson and Mayorson respectively).

For more information on the Wojtasiks please contact me.
5 Oct 2015 #8
Merged: Gajewska family possibly from makow mazowiecki about 1900

Looking for descendents of michalina gajewska (born between 1878 and 1881) to katerine danielak and lucas herewska emigrated to new york in 1904 or 1995. She was married at somw point in 1890's, leaving two sons in poland - one born in 1897. Theirbirth father remained in poland and remarried at least twice. Staskiem or Stache and his wife Marycha had four sons Kaziu, Joszef, Frenak and Thaddeusz (bornbetween 1922 and 1935). Karik and his wife Helena had three children. I believe both families were farming on land they did not own.
9 Apr 2016 #9
Merged: Polish Army - in which regiments or battalions served my father? Gajewski surname.

My father was also in Siberia, then sent down to Palestine, Egypt and through Sicily and Italy. That is as much as I know.
Which Polish regiments or battalions were there? Infantry? Artillery? Any other info? I would like to know details please
the name is Gajewski we have 1 or 2 photos only

Thank you
Philip 666 - | 41
9 Apr 2016 #10
check: Anders Army.
check: Polish 2nd Corps.
You will find some answers on this site. search the threads.

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