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Stanley Klimek married Czernek/Czerniak/Skulsk

Koach 16 | 128
31 Jan 2007 #1
My great-grandfather's sister Maria "Mary" Czernek/Czerniak married Stanley Klimek and was born in £ęki, Brzesko, Poland. Her mother was named Marianna. Her known children were Stefania, John and Joseph. Stefania and John were born in Poland, but Joseph was born in the U.S. They family resided in Chicago and California in the U.S. Do any of these names match with the family of your wife's grandmother? Thank you for your time.
3 Aug 2007 #2
I am research Stefanja Klimek (1886-1953) who married Michael Krol. Do you have any additional information on the Stefania you mention above?


Any idea if this Stefania resided in Pennsylvania?
OP Koach 16 | 128
4 Aug 2007 #3
The age of your Stefania/Stefnja is too old. I believe that my great-grandfather's sister was born around 1886. My great-grandfather John Czernek/Czerniak was born in 1893. Also, my Klimek family lived in Illinois and California, not in Pennsylvania as far as I know. Do you have an immigration record, like from It might reveal your Stefania's native village if you don't know it.

The birth year of my Stefania's youngest brother Joseph was 1918, and she was born a few years before that, I believe.
15 Aug 2007 #4
My father was Joseph Stanley Klimek =- born 1918, died 1992. His mother was Mary Klimek and father Stanley Klimek. He moved to California when WWII started. the person who is writing some of these responses named Koach seems to be related to me. Can you please respond? Kris Weisbrod (Klimek)
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,506
15 Aug 2007 #5
probably easier if you PM by clicking on the envelope under his name or send an email directly to him via the link in his profile
OP Koach 16 | 128
15 Aug 2007 #6
Hi there,

My great-grandfather was John Czerniak, born 1893 in Leki, Poland. His older sister was Mary Klimek, your grandmother. Their mother was named Marianna Czernek. My great-grandfather and his family changed their named from Czernek to Czerniak some time after the birth of my grandmother. Her baptismal certificate lists her as Helen Anna Czernek. My great-grandfather John Czerniak married Veronica Blach, born 1889 in Dabie, Poland. John died 1954 in Hammond, IN. Veronica died 1967 in Hammond. I have more information once we can speak over the email or PM.
11 Feb 2015 #7
Merged: Researching my Polish roots: Surname Klimek

I have been researching my family history over the past few years. I can trace my family name to Poland, but can not seem to find any records beyond this. My first relatives from Poland to arrive in the United States were Peter Klimek born 3 April 1872 in Galicia (possibly Yodlava or Jodlowa). His wife Victoria Janas, Janos or Jonas was born probably in Krosno, Austria December 26, 1863. Also, their son John Jacob Klimek born in Galicia 5 Jan 1894. They located in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania upon their arrival in America.

I have Peter Klimek arriving in New York, New York From Hamburg, Austria on the ship called Patricia 23 Aug 1901. According to Peter Klimek's death certificate that was filled out by his wife Peter's father was listed as Frank Klimek also born in Galicia, and mother listed as Tekla (Thekla) Kaplan born in Austria. I have not found any further records for Frank or Tekla to further trace my Klimek line. Any help that can be provided for any of these individuals would be appreciated.

I have done most of my current research through
Polonius3 994 | 12,367
11 Feb 2015 #8
KLIMEK: pet form of dialectal first name Kliment (standard Polish Klemens; English: Clement).

KAP£AN: priest.

for more info contact me
12 Feb 2015 #9
Thank you for responding. I was already aware of the root meaning of my last name.
cowboy67 - | 1
23 Oct 2015 #10
Merged: Skulsk Poland and Czerniak name

Hello, My great grandfather, Joseph Charles Czerniak and his brother, Maryan Czerniak, came to America in the early 1900's from Skulsk Poland. Their father was Anthony Czerniak. I have tried to learn a little about Skulsk but cannot find any good websites to read about the city/town.

I would like to hear from anyone who has been there about the city currently and historically and certainly any czerniaks they may have met. I would like for one day to visit. I remember hearing stories from my grandfather, Josephs son, about Josephs family writting letters shortly after WWII asking for assistance as they were having a hard time after the war.

Any info would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks! Jim Czerniak
OP Koach 16 | 128
19 Mar 2018 #11
Since last posting, I was able to find Mary and John's mother Marianna's maiden name, which appears to be Brukof or Brukop on the marriage record of John and his wife Veronika Blach. Their father was Jan Czernek. I have not been able to find anything else. Would love to connect with more family and obtain further assistance, please.
Tina breining
8 Sep 2018 #12
My name is Tina Klimek. Stanley Klimek is my uncle.
OP Koach 16 | 128
26 Oct 2018 #13
Stanley's wife was Mary Czernek Klimek, sister of my great-Grandpa Jan Czernek (changed to John Czerniak). They were born in Leki, Borzecin, Poland. Their parents were Jan Czernek and Marianna Prokop. Their grandparents were Tomasz Czernek, Marianna Baran, Stanislaw Prokop and Magdalena Bernady. The church records for them are online in the Szczepanow parish site. Do you have other knowledge of the family, Tina?

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