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Stanislaw Zdziejowski and Regina Noviska (was my ancestry Gypsy?)

KitKatt1960 1 | 1
22 Oct 2013 #1
I am trying to track my heritage on my mother's mother's side of the family. I cannot locate anything through, immigration records, ship passenger records to Canada for either of my great grandparents names. They were promised to each other a children and my great grandmother was 'sold' to my great grandfather's family for the marriage.

We have wondered whether this is something the old world gypsies did. The names that I have been give are:
Stanislaw Zdziejowski and Regina Noviska (Noviski was her father's name). I have tried to locate a list of names within the Gypsy/Roma community on the web and found one but neither of these surnames were listed. How else can I do research on. My family name? Thank you for any help that you can give me.
Wulkan - | 3,203
22 Oct 2013 #2
was my ancestry Gypsy?

Zdziejowski and Noviski are Polish last names. There were cases of gypsies changing their surnames but very rarly.
OP KitKatt1960 1 | 1
30 Oct 2013 #3
I have information that we have been told that my Great Grandfather was from south of Warsaw and Great Grandmother was from France. The 'sold' into marriage is what my mother was told by Great Grandmother. She also had proof of her heritage with a pair of Silver, jewelled child's shows. These shoes were stolen or burnt in an arson fire of their Drumhellar, Alberta, Canada house. My mother was shown these shoes around 1943 and remembers what her Grandmother told her about them.

I have just found another line for my great grandfather Stanislaw Zdziejowski on Geneologia Polska. Found his parents, grandparents and two sisters. I am so stooked.
Sean McGuinness
20 May 2017 #4
Is gorniak of Romani decendents
jon357 74 | 21,966
20 May 2017 #5
I think she is of partly Romany descent on her father's side. There was an article in the press about her recently which mentioned that.

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