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Stanislaw Valendzec, Tracing Polish father

uncertain1943 1 | -
1 Jan 2011 #1
Hello to all forum users, may I wish you all A Happy & Healthy New Year. My question must have been asked many times so, I guess I should apologise for asking it again.

I was born in 1943, my father was serving with the Polish forces based in the Arbroath/BarryBuddon area, it's possible he was with a regiment that was part of the 10th Armed Cavalry Brigade. His name is/was Stanislaw Valendzec born 8th Nov. 1921 in either Sediece or Slediece. I have no service number or any other information but I would very much like to establish the facts about my parents as much as possible. Can anyone on this forum point me in a useful direction? Thank-you.
Polonius3 984 | 12,335
1 Jan 2011 #2
Valendzec has obviously been altered. Could it have been Walendzak, Walendziak ior Walendzik? Please receck spelling if possible.
richard6qec - | 1
12 Mar 2011 #3
Thanks to Polonius for your answer. The information I posted on my initial query is the only info I have.
Why do you suggest the spelling is wrong? It'd be most helpful if you could explain that! I have no way now of verifying or otherwise the info so any help would help.
Polonius3 984 | 12,335
12 Mar 2011 #4
Valendzec is not Polish because, first of all, no indigenously Polish names contain the letter 'v'. That sound is produced in Polish by the 'w'. Secondly, the combination -dzec is rarely if ever encountered in Polish names. And thirdly, Walendzik (1,200 users) and Walendziak (over 500) are well-known surnames in Poland. Others include WalÄ™dziak (app. 350) and WalÄ™dzik (some 200). They all probably originated as patronymic nicks meaning ‘Val’s boy’.
strzyga 2 | 993
13 Mar 2011 #5
Sediece or Slediece

most probably that's Siedlce. There are no places in Poland named exactly as you wrote.

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