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(SOUNDS like N O A S O D) - Help with a Polish surname please

11 Feb 2012 #1
Good Morning:

I would be grateful if any of the forum readers know of a Polish/Ukrainian name that SOUNDS like N O A S O D or N O O A S S A U D if pronounced in a typical Canadian accent. I am looking for a relative from Ontario but don't know his surname. I think my father was a war baby who came and settled in Ontario after the second world war. Any suggestions on the name would be most helpful.

Big Thank You in advance.
1 Nov 2014 #2
How about: NASAD or NASÓD. These could be Polish, especially the first one ;)
Looker - | 1,134
1 Nov 2014 #3
More like Nowosad if Polish name - no Nasad / Nasód surnames found in Poland.
Polonius3 990 | 12,349
1 Nov 2014 #4
NASADA: this surname exists but is very rare and used by only a handful of people n Poland. Its meanings in older Polish included basis, settlement, or even an axe handle or rifle butt. Maybe some immigrant chopped off the final syllable to get Nasad???

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