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Slavs are descendants of Sarmatians?

Crow 137 | 7,595
22 Mar 2018  #211
No matter what for us Greeks all were savages and primitives

When Greeks first time came to existence, Slavs (ie Thracians/Sarmatian/Celts) existed on Inter-continental levels for numerous millennia already. Slavs were self born civilization raised and evolving with time from hunters, gatherers, farmers. Slavs also lived as nomads and sedentary people. Most importantly, ancient Slavs had its rural and urban population centers.

Now, compare Greeks to it. It can`t be compared. Greeks came to existence on fringes of Slavic world, as result of cultural and genetic influences from non-Slavs on Slavs. Namely, from Semitic influences on Slavs. Those intermixing happened at first in Slavic villages (preferable on sea shores, or even on some island where additional isolation accelerated extraction of new culture) that evolved into trade centers and where foreign element was concentrated. So, when Greeks came to existence they founded themselves being urban population encircled with Slavic rural population. Until other Slavic urban centers in that particular wide region recognized newly emerging danger, it was obviously too later. Greeks were started to spread and be sure in a first and second steps solely by genocide on neighboring rural Slavic population. Exactly same as how Rome came to existence. Exactly same. Next step was to ruin neighboring competing Slavic urban centers. In case of Rome, it was Etruscan (that called themselves Rasena/Rasna=urban Sarmatians/Thracians/Celts) urban centers.

See, that is why for Greeks and Romans (themselves mix of Slavs and some others), Slavs were backward or to say- other traditional Slavs were backward. They first dealt with Slavic rural population and then systematically executed destruction of Slavic urban centers, depriving Slavs of urban elite and slowly ruining Slavic civilization. How this was possible? It was gradual with time and simple, younger cultures have that momentum of unusual hostility, greed and necessity. At time when these young civilizations came to existence Slavs existed, as linguists confirmed for 10-40.000 years already. Too long they lived in established order of things and were surprised by this young hostile invaders. Invaders, born from with Slavic world itself.

This story repeated not only with Greeks and Romans but also with Germanics on Baltics and some others, too.
Crow 137 | 7,595
22 Mar 2018  #213
Facts are facts. You can laugh or fart but, fact remain fact.
Miloslaw 6 | 2,047
22 Mar 2018  #214
Slavs are not descended from Sarmatians!
Slavs are a mix of Sarmatians,Scythians,Alans,Balts,Celts,Germanic tribes and many more......just like now,there is not and never has been a "pure race".That is where the German Nazis got it wrong.

We are all mongrels.....and stronger for it.
We all know what happens to inbreds.......
Crow 137 | 7,595
22 Mar 2018  #215
All Whites coming from Sarmatians (ie Slavs). Life on inter-continental level created enough genetic diversity to secure gene pool. Plus, yes, there were encounters and resistance. But, here is point in it that we who are today Slavs preserved direct lineage to that initial, original Sarmatian (ie Slavic) culture and linguistics. We Slavs are last direct descendants of givers of the Western world. Descendants of that paternal culture, if you like. That is the point and not genetic purity in its absolute. Still, genetic connection do exist, its also fact. But genetics is only one aspect of that entire beautiful thing.

So, you are the one that got it wrong. Yes, Nazis, too. There you are right.
23 Mar 2018  #216
Hi Crow,

I think you mean proto Indo-European Aryans instead of Slavs as ancestral to various European peoples. Proto Indo Europeans moved into Balkans and then Greece and mixed with local races there, such as Minoans in Greece, who were like you said, Semites or Hamites (related to Egyptians). Other Indo Europeans such as ancestors of Romans mixed with Etruscans and in Spain with Iberian races (proto Berber?). I'm sure the people of the British Isles originally were some paleolithic Cro Magnon before Celts and Saxons moved in.

Slavs were the last people to move out of the original Indo-European homeland north of the Black Sea and some even stayed there, which explains why the Indo European genetic marker is strongest there still. Yes, Slavs having moved out later, mixed with many peoples during their migrations. Russians are said to have mixed much with Finnic peoples in the north.

Some authors, such as Mallory for example, even sight the Chernoles people i.e Iron Age Slavs, as speaking late Indo-European to describe the PRE proto-Slavic language.
Crow 137 | 7,595
23 Mar 2018  #217
I understand reasons why western Europe and such as the Greece or Albania deny Slavic past. Its clear to me. Its all about resources, power, influence, money and control. Admitting truth about history of Slavs would mean gave up from control. And they all shall pledge to unite in struggle against us Slavs, that are in direct lineage with that ancestral culture of Entire Europe. Slavic culture that gave birth to Western world.

I think you mean proto Indo-European Aryans...........

We have enough scientific evidences to claim that those were not proto Indo-Europeans but proto-Slavs. Or to say, Aryans were Slavs (ie Sarmatian/Thracians/Celts/etc)


No wonder your country is such a shii-- if many there think like you.

By the `Bloomberg`, money of my country is the second safest money in the world and at the same time it is the country no.1 by index of attracting foreign investments.

All that in extremely difficult situation created to us by those who wants to control and dominate over Slavs.

Anyway, Minoans were Slavs that were part of Vinca-Lepenski vir culture (close to Belgrade; culture that gave first world written data) and they gradually were exposed to Semito-Hamite influences. As result, Greeks came to existence.


Before Sumer, Crete or the Maltese civilisation, there was "Old Europe", or the Vinca culture... a forgotten, rather than lost civilisation that lies at the true origin of most of our ancient civilisations.

Around 3200 BC, the culture of Old Europe migrated, to the Aegean Sea and to Crete. Today, they are considered to be the origin of the Minoan civilisation

Marino_Kat 1 | 113
23 Mar 2018  #218
Evryone laughs about you. You come from a shi--. You have no history. You insult others history.
Atch 17 | 2,843
23 Mar 2018  #219
I think the forum members generally like Crow actually even if we don't agree with him. Modern day Serbia is a bit of travesty, I agree, but to say they have no history is not true. Serbia as a nation state is older than Poland and they became Christians before Poles too. That's even without taking into account their ancient history which goes back thousands of years. Everybody has a history, otherwise we wouldn't exist.
Miloslaw 6 | 2,047
23 Mar 2018  #220
Atch - I think the forum members generally like Crow actually even if we don't agree with him.


As for Serbia,large parts of it are beautiful.The people are friendly,the cuisine and alcohol are good and the climate is pretty good too.

Serbia may have it's problems but I certainly wouldn't describe it as a shi---.
Marino_Kat 1 | 113
23 Mar 2018  #221

They came to europe 600 after christ. We greeks saw them as savages and hunted them away.
Ziemowit 12 | 3,495
23 Mar 2018  #222
You insult others history.

It is you precisely who insult other people's history!

forum members generally like Crow actually even if we don't agree with him. Modern day Serbia is a bit of travesty,

I think Crow often brings up interesting ideas and interesting concepts. His views are very muchh one-sided, however, and he doesn't have the habit of presenting things as theories or as subjects to doubt. Instead he shows things as established facts as if he was reading some old chronicles written by people who witnessed the events they desribe.
Atch 17 | 2,843
23 Mar 2018  #223
We greeks

What I find very interesting is how Greece spiralled downward from being the cradle of Western European civilization (though of course Crow would deny that!) to the mess it is today. It's all the more strange when you consider that modern Greeks have a considerable proportion of the DNA of their impressive ancestors. So the raw material for greatness is there.

he doesn't have the habit of presenting things as theories or as subjects to doubt.

You can't really apply the normal rules when it comes to Crow, he's unique!
Crow 137 | 7,595
23 Mar 2018  #224
Modern day Serbia is a bit of travesty, I agree

I agree, too. Reason? Doing of hostiles. Not that we don`t have responsibility in it but, our main responsibility is our naivety in trust in western European powers.

That is exactly the reason why changes will happen. Painful changes for some but, inevitable changes. We are about to make Europe better place of living for Slavs. We can do it. For we Serbians had high opinion of ourselves even when most of today existing European nations and USA didn`t even exist.

Evryone laughs about you. You come from a shi--. You have no history. You insult others history.

Take the map and focus on Serbia. Particularly on that tiny part of Serbia that in Roman times was called Moesia. 18 Roman Emperors of classical antiquity was born there. How many was born in Greece? No, don`t tell me. Don`t humiliates yourself. After Italy, Serbia was second main motherland to Roman Emperors. It was so because here was old core of Sarmatians. There are written data that confirm it. Serbia was main major center for Thracians and Celts, too. Plus, there are written data that encompass that all naming Celts to be Thracians and Thracians to be Sarmatians. Not to speak of old records that speak of Celts as of Scythians so, Sarmatians. No wonder that Vinca-Lepenski vir culture was situated in Serbia. Old true center of Europe was and is in Serbia. Most important archeological sites of Europe are concentrated here, in Serbia, in ancient Ice age refugium, where populations retreated for several times and for several times re-populated Europe.

And I repeat, old data are specific. It is about Serbians and then about Slavs in general, as the last bearers of name of that old culture and civilization. Direct lineage. One may be in crisis for all sorts of reason but, one that was/is giver of the West will rise again.

Greeks? How could Greeks be even compared to Serbian heritage. You stealing everything. Macedonians were not Greeks, Spartans were not Greeks, Trojans were not Greeks. And that what was Greek, originate from Slavs/Serbs/Sarmatians/Thracians/Celts. You Greeks are Slavs that had wild sex with Egyptians and Semites. On those f**** islands were never-ending orgies.
Marino_Kat 1 | 113
23 Mar 2018  #225
Again you talk ****. Ha ha ha

You have problem with sex? I guess that is your problwm. Ha ha ha

Im a Spartan. I come from the region. And i can tell you Spartans were as greek as all other greek states.

But you know what you are for us? Primitives.

Oh and as for egyptians, egyptians never left egypt. Greeks went to egypt. So you find greek dna there. But no egyptians here.

But we never mixed with your ancestors. When they tried settle in our north we simply killed them.

You should read the letters of our emperor, where he says he hunted your women naked into the snowy mountains.

Guess they settled than in that shi--- you call Serbia today.
Lyzko 22 | 6,544
23 Mar 2018  #226
What I've seen from this entire thread is highly spurious history at best!
23 Mar 2018  #227
the origin of slavs and indo europeans is controversial.

A lot of info is hypothetical
Mr Grunwald 19 | 1,542
23 Mar 2018  #228
If anybody has Spartan spirit it's Polish soldiers and Serbians derive from Poland so you can just leave him alone ok?
If you don't believe me check Captain Raginis
23 Mar 2018  #229
so we ask you to provide your sources as well please
Crow 137 | 7,595
23 Mar 2018  #230
A lot of info is hypothetical

Nothing hypothetical. All is clear. You have records 2000 years old that say: Serbs are Thracians, Serbs are Tribali, Serbs are Iliryans, Thracians are Celts, Celts are Scithians, Scythians are Sarmatians, Dacians are Thracians, Dacians are Sarmatians, Sarmatians are Slavs, Celts founded Serbian Capital Belgrade, Serbia was center of major Thracian tribe Tribali, etc, etc, etc.... all supported by archeology, linguistics and genetics.

So, nothing hypothetical. Only political will is necessary to admit facts. Exactly what doing brave and decent man, Israeli Netanyahu.
Tacitus 2 | 842
23 Mar 2018  #231
. all supported by archeology, linguistics and genetics.

Stop making stuff up, can you cite any respected historians who believe in those theories?

I am sure you do not, because those views have been thoroughly debunked in the last 50 years.

The times when historians took a few quotes from ancient sources and constructed ethnic identities from them are thankfully over, they are now more interested in actual factual research and what they can actually prove.
Marino_Kat 1 | 113
24 Mar 2018  #232
@Mr Grunwald

There is no spartan spirit. There is just spartan blood and dna.

I come from the region that was once sparta. So i have it. Stop stealing others heritage.
25 Mar 2018  #233
To Lyzko,

We are sharing sources of information here, to a part of history which is remote and research ampong historians is ongoing.
Unless you have nothing to share and contribute, then please keep your `spurious' opinion to yourself.
Otherwise feel free to provide and share facts as possible.
even if our info is not all accurate or disagreed upon, at least we can compare your evidence.
Lyzko 22 | 6,544
26 Mar 2018  #234
I couldn't agree with you more! People who promote spurious opinions or something similar shouldn't be taken seriously.
Glad I'm not one of those people, aren't you?
Crow 137 | 7,595
26 Mar 2018  #235
I sow documents about my people that proves how are Slavs natives of Europe. Documents that specifically name my people. Documents that are object of correspondence among state officials on international level. I don`t need approval from anybody else.

So, you Poles, too, are natives of Europe. Same as Serbians. Don`t deny your own past. Don`t wait for approval by your enemies. Of course they won`t give you approval. They want you do die and drop dead.

Why are same those documents applicable on Greeks, Jews, Italians and why not on us. Why? Why on them and why not on Serbs, on Slavs (ie Sarmatians) in general?

Because others stolen from us. Our misery is their good fortune. Our is the right of a man who is declared to be dead and then buried (let`s say by mistake) and his property is then took and shared among others. Now, imagine rights of the man who coming back from the grave and ask others to give him back his property. No, they wouldn`t be happy to see him alive. They would want him dead. They would make sure that he really dies. That is just so in human nature. We must die.
27 Mar 2018  #236
But Lyzko,

I guess I'm not one of those people. I try to share different views.

Nothing wrong with comparing information from authors such as Sulimirski, Magocsi, Mallory, Dvornik, etc. The very few historians who have bothered to write about and research these people. Western historians, some Ukrainian, Polish and Russian as well. Older historians (Tacitus, Procopius, Jordanes) also.

What is your view?

Hi Lyzko

You don't have to put forward you view if you don't want to.

This is not a very important part of history.

There is much more interesting periods of history, especially modern and recent history.

Ziemowit 12 | 3,495
27 Mar 2018  #237
I sow documents about my people that proves how are Slavs natives of Europe. Documents that specifically name my people.

What kind of documents exactly are these?
Lyzko 22 | 6,544
27 Mar 2018  #238
As a history teacher, I surely am interested in putting forth my views and indeed have done so. You simply might disagree with some of them, that's all:-)
Crow 137 | 7,595
27 Mar 2018  #239
What kind of documents exactly are these?

Here are some. Why would anybody believe in anything about Greeks or Jews or Italians or Chinese and not about Serbs and Slavs in general?

Have in mind that these aren`t theories. Ignore theories even when suits you. Theories might be politically colored. Use only data (what some author/old source said and wrote) and have your own conclusions. These are old records > multiple quotes removed
27 Mar 2018  #240
fair enough Lyzko.


- the exact homeland of slavs is still debated i.e southeast Poland and Ukraine OR further west to the Oder

- also, the ethnolinguistic entity of Sarmatians is debated i.e Wholly Iranian OR sedentary agricultural population subsumed under the name of a nomadic group that had come to rule over them.

- Biskupin; was it indeed proto-Slav? Maybe, maybe not.

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