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Slavs are descendants of Sarmatians?

13 Oct 2018  #451
I agree with Crow that Serb = Serbin = Sarban. The word Srbinda in the Vedic texts I think is evidence of that. Srbin specifically means Serbian man.

I don't think Serbs are not trustworthy. I think Croats have a stereotype as being untrustworthy or something (that's what I read but that might have been Serb propaganda).

Crow, what's your story? Why are you on here all the time? Why do you have so much free time?
Crow 143 | 7,411    
13 Oct 2018  #452
I write sometimes. This is kind of test to me.
13 Oct 2018  #453
In general, it appears that words associated with Croats sometimes have a very negative meaning, such as the word "slovenly". I'm also very aware of how similar kurwa sounds to Horwa, as in Horwacja and then the word "*****".

I don't care. We founded parts of Europe and your ruling class called itself Sarmatian, and the original English knights were Sarmatians.

Funnily enough Croats themselves use the word kurva to mean the exact same thing. They also frequently say they are not Slavs, which is hilarious because they were probably the first ones to use the word.
Crow 143 | 7,411    
13 Oct 2018  #454

Don`t have any complex. Its stupid English who invented word `slovenly` in order to humiliate and assimilate Slavs. You know, English are very evil and sinister.
13 Oct 2018  #455
Again, I don't care about the words, and even I really dislike Croats sometimes. I don't have time for this now though Crow, so for a while I'm not going to respond.
Crow 143 | 7,411    
13 Oct 2018  #456
Ne brini. Freedom will come. Erection reached almost perfect level
13 Oct 2018  #457
this is a very nationalist driven discussion and I have made some nationalist comments.

Some people have repudiated my opinions and readings on Sarmatians in a rude manner and I have reacted rudely too.

So Crow, nationalist statements as I have made are exagerated and biased and untrue please SO DO NOT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY about the Serb back stabbing part.

Unfortunatley the Serb history is not too glorious though. It's not Serbs fault either.

I was an ******* for saying my last comment. It is easy to say that in an anonymous thread and cowardly of me.

I take criticism personally at times and reacted badly. There are good Serbs and bad Serbs and good and bad people in every country. Anyone knows that.

Anyone reading my post would realize what an idiot I am. I have some bad will unfortunately.
Crow 143 | 7,411    
13 Oct 2018  #458
Serbians are crazy, alright. Here is normal to be crazy.

Stick to the topic everyone, please
14 Oct 2018  #459
So Croats, Serbs, and Goths have one of the oldest histories in the world. They are all bronze age peoples who began to migrate eastwards, then returned back Westwards and ended up in Europe. The Croats did a double migration into Europe, both with the Huns and with the Sarmatians.

The Croats started out as Hurrians, who lived near the Zagros mountains in today's Iran. Zagreb is today the capital of Croatia. They had for neighbours nomadic Gutians, who were located close to Subartu.

The Hurrians had two noticeable features of their art: the Croatian interlace and the chessboard. They had two important kingdoms - Mitanni and Arrapha. The Hurrians are the descendants of modern day Armenians. The Kurds are also thought to be the descendants of Hurrians, Gutis, and Subarians.

The Hurrians/Gutians/Subarians migrated eastward and founded Khwarazm, or Chorasmia, from where the Szekely Huns migrated into the Carpathian region.

They migrated further east still and founded Arachosia. Arachosia is mentioned in the Zoroastrian Avesta as Harahvati and in the Vedic texts as Sarasvati. Again, Arachosia was home to Pashtuns, of whom the Sarbani were the largest tribe. Arachosia was right beside the Indus valley civilization.

One of the main centers of the Indus Valley civilizations is called Harrappa, almost exactly the same name as the Hurrian kingdom.

The Jat people in North India are probably the descendants of the original nomadic Guti. The Pashtuns today still live in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The Sakas also lived nearby and they became the Scythians and the Sikhs. The Croatian interlace is found on Scythian art.

The founder of Algebra was from Khwarazm. Croats (and probably Gutis and Subarians) probably had a hand in developing Sanskrit because Aryvarta sounds an awful lot like Harauvati. Aryavarta is the abode of the Aryans. The Indus valley is well-known for having done extensive trading with Mesopotamia, where the original Hurrian kingdoms were located. Hurrian art resembles Indus valley art.

The Hurrian hymn is the oldest known melody in the world. The Scythians invented pants. Indus valley people invented buttons and rulers and had extremely well-developed cities that were all very similar.

This makes a lot of people descendants of Hurrians/Jats/Subarians, not just Croats, but us maintaining our ancient name and symbols was very helpful in tracing the migrations of people eastward and westward.

Funny thing: Croats really like to "keep" things. For example, the Glagolithic alphabet was introduced into Croatia in the 800s, but stopped being used by everyone except for Croatian monks, who used it until the 1800s. Also, we keep that chessboard and interlace symbol everywhere we go.

Here is a link of Kim Kardashian, who is half-Armenian, and her Croatian "twin". This explains A LOT!
Crow 143 | 7,411    
14 Oct 2018  #460
Whatever you say, my dear rose (I hold you to word that you are girl).
14 Oct 2018  #461
Over 120 different people have written about the links between Croats and ancient Iranians. What do you guys think about all of this? I'm waiting to hear some reactions and comments.

Do we go back to the Kurgans? Is that the accepted theory? That the Croats date back to Kurgan?
Crow 143 | 7,411    
15 Oct 2018  #462
No, beautiful one. Just analyze traces of Serb name and you come to Croats.
15 Oct 2018  #463
Can you please elaborate?
Crow 143 | 7,411    
15 Oct 2018  #464
Read this thread from the beginning.
15 Oct 2018  #465
I don't have the patience to go through everything on here, especially because I'm basically just going to be reading people's annoying arguing, but I will keep trying to find information online.
Crow 143 | 7,411    
15 Oct 2018  #466
I like to give direction to people. Then, people have to seek. You would believe only to your own eyes.

You know that denial of those who consider themselves Croats how Serbia invented that Catholic Serbs ever existed? See, best cure on this is to go to Catholic Encyclopedia online and you read. There you have about Catholic Serbs, about very Imperial Nemanjic dynasty and you see that they originally were Catholics, that Dubrovnik and Split were Serbian harbors, then how Nemanjic`s came in conflict with Pope and turned to Orthodoxy when Eastern Roman Empire was week (and Serbs were able to force on it their conditions- thats how `Slava` custom was preserved in Christianized form, etc), how Stefan Dushan got crown from both, from Pope and from Patriarch of Constantinople, etc, etc.

You would see that Vatican released a lot of documents that support Serbian cause and claims and re-claims. Vatican of today isn`t Vatican of WWII and before when Germanics and Italians dominated there. Read. Everything is on the net. Seams that truth becoming worth to humanity. Free yourself.
20 Oct 2018  #467
I'm sure archaeologists have gathered a lot of evidence from kurgans but that sounds like more from Scythian times. Sulimirski's book uses a lot of evidence from burials.

As regard to sources, wikipaedia is the last place I would look for information, a lot of it is unreliable and un-academic.

I would like to also submit more evidence from Herodotus account of the Scythian farmers from Huntingford's `Who are the Scythians' article.

Herodotus describes how the Scythian ploughmen/farmers of the West Ukraine and east Poland in 700BC considered themselves `true Scythians.' We don't know what they meant by that but they were said to have spoken `late Indo-European ancestral to proto-Slavic' before it evolved into Proto-Slav. Royal clans probably spoke Indo-Iranian.

From Herodotus, the Scythian ploughmen said they descended from a man called Targitaus, whose three sons Leipoxais, arpoxais and Colaxais
reigned together and from these three brothers were descended four tribes; from Leipoxais, the Auchatae, from Arpoxais the Catiaroi and Traspeis, and from Coloxais, the paralatae, the last being a royal Scyth tribe.

This list of tribes is generally under the name of Spali, who were the Ruling clan up until the Gothic invasion around 200AD. The whole group of tribes of the Scythian ploughmen and the ruling clan were called Spali. The Spali were a division of the broader Sarmatae group.

Dvornik considers Spali and Spori to be the same.

The tribal names of the ploughmen back in 700BC sound very Baltic and back then the pre-proto Slavic language was probably a mere dialect of proto Baltic which was basically late Indo European at that time
21 Oct 2018  #468
Ok, thanks for the info. I haven't read too much about the Scythians. Like I said, I've just recently learned about Sarmatians/Scythians, and to be honest, I've only really read the stuff that directly relates to Croats.
18 Nov 2018  #469
There is bust of a sarmatian knights face my family is polish every Male in our family looks like this bust my last name is brefka mean s nothing in polish or sarmatian but we were forced into the Roman calvary but a Spaniard Roman commander did not want to deal with our names brefka means bravado with a polish sarmatian slant most polish names from this era are Roman influence we had to fight for our freedom to be free to go home while the sons were taken the daughters had to be the warriors and defenders of the tribe the amazons are our mothers the sarmatian knights our fathers cool
24 Nov 2018  #470

You seem to know a lot about this history. Do you know what the evidence is against the theory that the Croats and Serbs came from Arachosia/Drangiana? Also, can you explain what the Kurgan hypothesis says about the origins of the words Serb/Srbin and Hrvat? Where does Marija Gimbutas think these words originated? Crowie, can you answer as well about the Kurgan hypothesis, but please use your best English since sometimes it's difficult to understand you.
Crow 143 | 7,411    
24 Nov 2018  #471

In Serbian, core Sarmatian language, BRE is short form of BRATE. Serbs in some regions using often this shortcut instead of full word `brate`. Rarely, is some regions, Serbs using term `BRATKO`. Its kind of diminutive for BRAT.

How I see that, your surname consists of BRE and brat-KO. So, on a first glance your surname will among Serbs mean `little brother`.

but please use your best English since sometimes it's difficult to understand you.

Let us promote Slavica-English
26 Nov 2018  #472
I don't know much about the Serbs and Croats. I have read various explanations for the meaning of Serb and Croat.

When the Huns replaced Goths as rulers of Central and eastern Europe, they probably made the Slavs supply them with contingents.
In close alliance with the Huns were a large number of Alans, and Serbi and Croati may have been the original names of some of them.

Gimbutas and Moszynski speculate those Slavs under Alan rule were named Serbi or Croat by the Alans and the tribal name meant servants, guardians or protectors. Guarding of what I don't know, frontiers?

The Danube was a frontier which these Slavs (Serbo-Croats) appear on already by the 4th century and after the Huns are defeated, the Vlachs or Dacians expel them and they move up to the Vistula region (Nestor's chronicle)

croats and Serbs move up north and Croats are spread out across part of Poland, Bohemia and Ukraine. split into West Croats and east Khorvats/Croats and are allies to eastern relatives the Antes 450AD.
26 Nov 2018  #473
Why do Gimbutas and Moszynski speculate that the Slavs were given those names by the Alans, as opposed to calling themselves that in the first place? And why do they think these names meant servants, guardians etc?

So the Antes were by the Vistuala, and they had arrived there independently of the Serbs and Croats down in the Danube?
26 Nov 2018  #474
I don't know. That's what they have written.

They could have been just Slavs when Ptolemy mentions them and when they are on the Danube according to Nestor.

But again that was what THEY wrote. I think its not really relevant.
26 Nov 2018  #475
Ok, thanks. That was very helpful!
13 Dec 2018  #476
All this Serbian history and no mention of the Vinca civilization which was oldest civilization ever possibly and how their artifacts are found all over Balkans and thats where Serbian cross (4c's) originated
Crow 143 | 7,411    
13 Dec 2018  #477
Agreed. Vinca gave oldest worlds writing system. In Serbia you have more archeological sites that in rest of Europe altogether. Think of it. 18 Roman Emperors of classical antiquity was born in Serbia. 2nd place were most of Roman Emperors was born, just after Italy.

How is all that possible? Because confluence of Sava river to Danube is center of Serbia, Belgrade. It was primary Ice Age refugium of Europe. That is where ancients of Europe concentrated during Ice Age periods because glacial ice never covered this land. This is from were ancestral population of 80% of Europe originate from. Its Proto-Slavic (ie Sarmatian) original center. Its epicenter of Western world. Place where West was born. Place that Rome actually never conquered in military sense but made symbiotic relationship with.
16 Feb 2019  #478
I recently took the ancestry DNA test and found out we Poles are decended from the Sarmatian knights and the Amazon women. We were the first horse people and the Roman's got tired of us raiding them and forced us to be thier calvary. They took the sons very young to serve the Roman's army and the daughters were forced to be the warriors and defenders of the tribe. They didnt marry until the men eventually returned to the tribe. The Roman's have busts of the Sarmatian faces and every Male in my family looks like these guys 5000 years later and I have an uncle that looks like a twin of one of them. If you Poles look up the Sarmatian faces you,ll see you family 5000 years ago. Show your family and friends and see how amazed they will be. This is the prove we Poles are the Sarmatians, plus the fact we had such a fierce calvary throught Polands history and used Lance's and long spears just like the ancient Sarmatians.
9 Mar 2019  #479
why did the sarmatian cross the road? To take the next steppe.
Lyzko 20 | 6,181    
9 Mar 2019  #480
Watch out for steppe, it's a duzy!

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