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Looking for Sitko family from Warsaw area

6 Mar 2013 #1
Hello, I am researching my family tree and have run into a solid brick wall. I can find no information regarding my great, great grandparents. I am looking for the parents of Louis Sitko who was believed to have been born in the Warsaw area in 1889. I believe his parent's names were Martin and Ernestine (Vrona) Sitko according to one marriage record here in the states. Louis immigrated to the United States in 1910, but I have found no record of that either.

If anyone is able to help me I am looking for Sitko family members related to Martin and Ernestine (Vrona) Sitko. I believe there were more brothers and sisters of Louis's that stayed in Poland, but a total of three brothers (including Louis) came to the U.S. in the 1910s.

I greatly appreciate your time and help with this matter! Please contact me via email: I am looking forward to hearing from you and am very excited about finding any lost family members!!


Kristin Giesman
polonius 54 | 420
9 Mar 2013 #2
SITKO: root-word sitko (sieve, strainer); some 4,000 Sitkos in Poland, 1,600 of them in the Katowice area, A secondary bastion (some 400) is found in Podlasie (NE Poland) in and around Białystok and Suwałki.

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