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Seeking an old friend of my father in Warsaw

15 Dec 2013 #1
Hello. My father is near 90, and trying to reconnect with some old friends in Warsaw, where he was born. He is looking for a couple who would probably also be close to 90 if they are still alive. I don't want to publicize their names, but would be happy to email someone privately for more info on how to help him. He is not very internet-savvy. ;-) Thanks for any help or suggestions.
f stop 25 | 2,513
15 Dec 2013 #2
you got to give something more. Which part of Warsaw did he live in? Me and my family lived in Warsaw.
Intopoland - | 1
15 Dec 2013 #3
Hello, I'm from Warsaw and I can try to help you. Send me please their names and any other details you have:
gask7 - | 50
3 Jan 2014 #4
There are some ways e.g. :
1) write to warsaw's city office, but there are more then one, actually 17 for each quarter


2) gavermant administration :
Centralne Biuro Adresowe ul. Kazimierzowska 60, 02 - 543 Warszawa

According to no 1 and 2 you need fill the form application up as bellow and pay fee.

ad 1) in the link below they've explain how to do this, but just Polish version: nianie-danych-ze-zbiorow-meldunkowych

and form for no 1 and 2 you can find : .pdf

Powodzenia / good luck

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