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Searching Polish relatives of the Berezowki family, Tarnopol

teriberi 1 | 1
24 Aug 2014 #1
Looking for any ancestral info or Polish relatives of the Berezowski or Mudry family from Zaczianka, Tarnopol.

Andreas (Andrej) Berezowski, born Oct.15, 1893, son of Antonius Berezowski and Maria Romaniuk in Zascianka, Tarnopol.

Married Mary Mudry, (born 1900 Toustolog - daughter of Wasyl and Marja) in Diocesis of Leopoliensis, 1920.

They were farmers in Poczta (P.O.?) of Baurow, outside Tarnopol. Andrej emigrated to Canada in 1928 or 1930.

Thank-you for any information you can offer.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
25 Aug 2014 #2
BEREZOWSKI: topo nick from Bereza (Ruthenian for Brzoza - birch)

MUDRY: Ruthenian for mÄ…dry (wise).
maksym 2 | 47
29 Aug 2014 #3
I found the baptismal entry online for Andrej (1893) and also his brother Michael (1890) These records are from the area once known as Galicia, and are in Latin. The entries list parents names as well as grandparents names, and at far right in entry are the sponsors names.

Michael's entry has more information on grandparents names than Andrej's has, but the surnames are difficult to read

  • Andrej 1893

  • Michael 1890
OP teriberi 1 | 1
5 Jan 2015 #4
thank-you Polonius3 and maksim
i just found these replies today
grateful for your time and helpful responses

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