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Searching for relations Dostal from Motkowice

dostalmotkovice 1 | -
4 Aug 2019 #1
I emmigrated from Germany in 1950 with my father and mother as a 4yo child.

My father never had any contact with his family since that date, he has since passed and I would like to make contact with his family.

He always told me he had two brothers, and he was in Germany from around 1945-1950 where he met my mother Anna.

Details I have found so far are shown below:

Father : Stanislaw Dostal
DOB: 31.05.1914 Motkowice, Imielno parish

Sibling: Stanislawa Dostal
DOB: 08.10.1909 Motkowice, Imielno parish

Sibling: Jan Dostal
DOB: 01.05.1917, Motkowice
DOD: 16.02.1919, Motkowice

Sibling: Marianna Dostal
DOB: approx 1912
DOD: 22.04.1914, Motkowice

Father: Jozef Dostal
DOB: 13.09.1884, Karolowka
Father: Marcin age 38
Mother: Agnieszka Wozniak, age 37
Sibling: Jan Dostal, DOB 12.12.1886, Karolowka

Mother: Agnieszka Koston
DOB: 26.12.1883, Motkowice
DOD: 1960, Motkowice, USC Imielno
Father: Jan age 42
Mother: Katarzyna Kaminska, age 32
Sibling: Salomea Koston, DOD: 25.10.1913 Motkowice age 15

Marriage Record 20.01.1909, Motkowice
Jozef Dostal age 25, bailiff
Agnieszka Kostan, age 26

I have also attached a couple of photos with my father in them, if anyone knows anything would love to talk to you.

Sonja Dostal

  • Father seated second from the left with unknown people.

  • Father seated next to groom with me and my mother Anna with unknown people.

  • Father standing at the back right with unknown people.
kaprys 3 | 2,249
4 Aug 2019 #2
Try contacting the parish there

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