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Searching for paternal family Wyszynski

vomLomza 2 | 9
15 Aug 2014 #1
I have exhausted all USA records for my genealogy search. I am stuck at my great grandfather Jan Wyszynski. I can not find his parents, brothers, sisters, and I do not know if he was married more than once.

When my grandfather Aleksander was born in 1879, (WYSZYŃSKI Aleksander, syn Jana lat 35 i Agnieszki Gołaszewskiej lat 35, urodzony w Misztalach Tyborach 27.11.1879, 58/1879.),
and my grandfathers brother Stanislaw in 1878,(WYSZYŃSKI Stanisław, syn Jana lat 34 i Agnieszki Gołaszewskiej lat 45, urodzony w Misztalach Tyborach 19.09.1878, 54/1878),
the parish record states that Jan was on temporary leave from serving the army. ( 58] Dn. 15/27.11.1879r. Jan Wyszyński czasowo urlopowany żołnież lat 35 zam. Misztale, w obecności Juliana Dębnickiego lat 30 i Jana Krajewskiego lat 40 obaj z Misztal wpisuje syna Aleksandra urodzonego dziś z żony jego Agnieszki z Gołaszewskich lat 35. Chrzestni Julian i Paulina Dębniccy. Ksiądz P. Supiński.)

I notice the age given for Jan on these births is consistent but age for Agnieszka is way off. According to age 20 at marriage to Uszynski in 1859 and birth records of her first children with Uszynski we estimate her age to be 39/40 years old by 1879. (Birth about 1839 +).

My cousin lives in Wysokie Mazowieckie and he searched local parish records to find this information. He also found that Jan Wyszynski's wife Agnieszka Gołaszewska, (my g-grandmother) was married previous to Jozef Uszynski. This record was found but a record for marriage of Jan Wyszynski and Agnieszka was not found yet. I need this document to find his parents names to go forward.

I have heard in the family that his birth could be Augustow, Ostrow Mazowieckie, Jabłonka, and even Wysocki Mazowieckie. So where do I start?

If I can get a marriage record from Misztalach Tyborach I think that will help.

Polonius3 983 | 12,333
16 Aug 2014 #2
WYSZYŃSKI: topo nick from Wyszyna or Wyszyny (Highville, Upperton); 5 coats of arms.
OP vomLomza 2 | 9
17 Aug 2014 #3
Thanks Polonius3, Do you know where I can find these 5 coats of arms and when they were issued? Most recent one?


Merged: searching for siblings of Piotr Wyszynski. (grandfather of Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski)

I wish to refresh my search for a connection to Cardinal Wyszynski. My grandfather Aleksander Wyszynski claimed he was a cousin but I can not find a connection because I can not find information on my great grandfather. My great grandfather Jan Wyszynski was born between 1842 and 1844 according to some records we have. I have no other information on Jan's birth place or family.

Since Cardinals grandfather was born 1851 it could be possible that he is Jan's brother but I can not find any information on Piotr.
Does anyone have any information on Piotr Wyszynski, grandfather of Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski?
Thank you
Polonius3 983 | 12,333
9 Oct 2014 #4
WYSZYŃSKI: topo nick from a number of localities in Poland called Wyszyna or Wyszyny.

One of several noble clans to which the well-born Wyszyńskis belonged was Sas. Since the term "Sas" in Polish means Saxon, some believed this coat of arms to have been of Germanic origin. However it was actually brought to Poland by noblemen from Moldavia and Vallachia, where "sas" in Hungarian (pronounced: shash) meant "eagle". Whatever the case, little more is known about this coat of arms and its legend remains obscure. The gold arrow surrounded by a gold crescent moon and stars on a blue shield in heraldic symbolism suggests it was awarded for some victory achieved under the stars (at night). Used by over 500 noble families.
OP vomLomza 2 | 9
14 Mar 2017 #5

Wyszyńska Zofia- 22 Dec.1894

I am searching for decedents of
Wyszyńska Zofia- córka Jan Lat 50 Robotnika í Antoniny Święckiej Lat 30 urodzona w Tyborach Uszynskich 22/12/1894 144/1894

Zofia Wyszynska, daughter of Jan age 50, a laborer, and Antonette Święcka age 30, born in Tybory Uszynskie on 22 Dec 1894
ALSO hoping to find marriage record for Jan and Antoniny. Possibly in parish of Kulesze Koscielne, or Jablonka Koscielne, or archives in Wysokie Mazowieckie.

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