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Searching for KAWA, KOSIBA, SOBARNIA family in Łekawica, Tarnow

purplelady 1 | 32
7 Feb 2010 #1
My grandfather, Jan Władisław Kawa, left £ekawica in 1907, followed every couple of years by other siblings, all of whom settled in South Omaha, Nebraska. Jan's mother, Zofia Kosiba Kawa, remarried a Sobarnia after Jan's father's (Józef's) death and had one son, Stanislaw, around 1900. We believe at least one sister, Marysia, remained in Poland and married. Can anyone tell me if the average Pole would be more likely to welcome or ignore a contact in English via email? Facebook? My poor Polish will not permit me to be too adventurous in sending a message. By some miracle, do these family names sound familiar to any PF'ers?

Thank you for any guidance.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
7 Feb 2010 #2
Searching for KAWA, KOSIBA, SOBARNIA family in £ekawica, Tarnow

in tarnow: 682 people called kawa, kosiba = 136, sobarnia = 146

that's a lot of e-mail

Do you want help to narrow it down?
OP purplelady 1 | 32
7 Feb 2010 #3
That is a lot of potential family--I'm excited. Can you give some advice in narrowing it to a manageable number of emails? Is there a way to see how many of these Kawas, etc. have email addresses?
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
7 Feb 2010 #4
Can you give some advice in narrowing it to a manageable number of emails?

the first thing to do is find out if any of these are looking for you

or if other people are tied into the family.

Do a name search at or

posting the names on different sites might allow them to find you.

find a message board at a Tarnow website and leave a message there. some city websites have genealogy links and forums.

try to find a phone directory for the area. online directories are of no use.

edit: are your initials N.S. it's just that i've seen some similar posts.
OP purplelady 1 | 32
7 Feb 2010 #5
Hi, yes, I'm Nancy. I have messages posted on Ancestry and on other genealogy sites, too, but I haven't heard from anyone. I recently joined a Facebook Tarnow page and will post there, too. I will see if I can find a telephone directory. It looks like the £ekawica area has some agro-tourism according to some websites, so I may be able to make some connections in that way (you know, like someone who knows someone who may know my family). I will be in Poland this summer and I'm hoping to meet some family members while I'm there.

Thank you for your help--you're a great resource!
Polonius3 994 | 12,380
8 Feb 2010 #6
KAWA: can mean coffee, but more plausibly here it's from the name of the bird kawa/kawka (jackdaw).

KOSIBA: probably regional or archaci term for scythesman, harvester

SOBARNIA: obscure ????
20 Oct 2015 #7
Dear Purplelady!
If you still read this forum, please contact me! Members of Kawa family are my ancestors! Write: . I have spoken with my father and grandparents and they confirmed this. I am looking forward to hearing from you!
jchrapcyn - | 2
10 Nov 2019 #8

Kosiba, Anna family

I'm looking for any information on birth or baptism records for my great-grandmother Anna Kosiba (Koseba, Kosyba). Born 4 Jul 1877 in Poland or Galicia or Austria area.

She immigrated to the United States around 1900 or 1902. I can't find any more information on Ancestry I have hit a dead end. She settled in western Pennsylvania and married a man named John Chrapczynski. thank you
kaprys 3 | 2,249
11 Nov 2019 #9
Both her first and last names are relatively popular. You need more information concerning her place of birth. To cut a long story short, at the end of the 18th century Poland was partitioned and the part of Poland known as Galicia was put under the Austrian partition but that's quite a large part of land so you need to start with most recent documents like her death or marriage certificates or the ship manifests, census etc -basically American documents.

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