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Searching for Kaszubowski family history.

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9 Jul 2013 #1
My Grandmother was Bronislawa Kaszubowska born in Pieczyska, Poland May 28th 1886. Her Father was Joseph Kaszubowski and her Mother was Josephine Boracowska. Bernice had two brothers Jozef and Maciej Kaszubowski and a siste Marysia Gerszewski. Marysia has three children Mietek Gerszewski, Stasia Anuskiewicz and Halina Jahimak. We believe Bernice's brother Joseph daughter Grazyna Grezlak (Kaszubowska) is alive an lives in Warsawa. She lives or lived at ul. Sienkiewicza 4, 06-561 Stupsk, woj Mazowieckie. Grazyna's husband is Gregosz.

Other relatives are Leszek Wieteska, ul. Mickiewicza 29, 05-561 Stupsk, woj Ciecnow. Halina Jahimak (Daughter of Bernice's sister Maria Gierszewski), ul. Broniewskiego 4/23, 05-120 Leginowa. Mietek Gerszewski (Bernice's Sister's Son), ul. Tamka 33 a/m15, Warszawa. Marek-Grazyna Gerszewscy, 02-743 YS Bacha 34 a/m11, Warszawa.

I have had this information for a while and do not know how accurate it is. We are leaving for Warszawa on the 18th of July and staying until the 26th of July. I would appreciate any and all help that can be provided. This may be our first and only trip to Poland.

Bog zapłac,
Bob Fiolek

Merged: Meaning of Kaszubowski

What is the meaning of the name Kaszubowski
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9 Apr 2015 #2
Meaning of Kaszubowski

Kaszubowski surname may be connected with the Kashubian region located in the northern Poland - Kaszuby.

You may also check this thread related to people who live in this area:

Grazyna Grezlak

Probably misspeled - Grzelak is the common name in Poland.


It should be Grzegorz (most likely another typo of yours)

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