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Searching for Grochowski relatives

16 Aug 2006 #1
I am going to Poland the end of September and I am looking for the family members of Wanda Grochowski. the children were Danusia, Maty,Basia,Januszek from Olsztyn.
27 Aug 2006 #2
"Grochowski" is quite a popular last name in Poland.
krysia 23 | 3058
27 Aug 2006 #3
That's because they grow a lot of peas.
OP melmitch
29 Aug 2006 #4
my relatives lived in Olsztyn.
ellarc - | 2
19 Jun 2012 #5
Merged: Grochowski Family

I have been searching for years for my father, this year I made a breakthrough, but unfortunately he died in 1989.
I have found out his name was Bronislaw Grochowski, (although for some reason he had to change his surname to Wojda to get into England after the war).

On his death certificate his place of birth was Zlotow, Poland, dob 6th Sept. 1925, father Andrjez.
Does anyone know how I can obtain a copy of his birth certificate so I can find out my grandmothers name.
Does anyone know about Zlotow.
Wroclaw 44 | 5366
19 Jun 2012 #6
Złotów [ˈzwɔtuf] (German: Flatow, also Flathow) is a town in northern Wielkopolska in Poland with a population of 18,303 inhabitants (2011). It is today part of Wielkopolska Province (Greater Poland Voivodeship), but was previously in Piła Voivodeship (1975-1998). Since 1999 Złotów has been the seat of Złotów County.
ellarc - | 2
19 Jun 2012 #7
Merged: polish discharge papers

When my father came over to England after the war he was sent to a settlement camp in Morpeth, where he was nursed back to health after losing a kidney. Is there anyone who can let me know how or where I can obtain a copy of his discharge papers as I am trying to find out what he actually did in the war.
19 Jun 2012 #8
When my father came over to England

If he served in the Western Command Polish armed forces, his records should be available from these people:

Ministry of Defence,
APC Polish Enquiries,
Building 28B,
RAF Northolt,
West End Road,
HA4 6NG,
Tel: 0208 833 8603
Fax: 0208 833 8866
e-mail: or
boletus 30 | 1361
19 Jun 2012 #9
Does anyone know how I can obtain a copy of his birth certificate so I can find out my grandmothers name.

You could start with Poznań Project: Search for the marriages database, It covers the areas of former Posen Province of Prussia, today's Greater Poland Province, with surrounding districts. This includes Złotów. Read more about this project here:

Their database of marriages covers the years 1800-1899, so it definitely does not apply to your father (born in 1925) but it could by chance apply to your grandfather if he was married in late 1880s.

The search page shows two interfaces:
1. Simple surname search, where you could specify just one surname Grochowski. Do not use it. It shows too many hits, so you are asked to use extended interface.

2. Extended search
You have to specify at least one surname (bride or groom), and optionally select a subregion, time frame, religion, first name. I tried these criteria:

+ Groom: Grochowski
+ Bride:
+ Region: Bydgoszcz - Wyrzysk - Złotów
+ Time frame: From 1880 to 1899
And was provided with 24 exact matches - all 100% groom matches, and a bunch of approximate matches. However, no Andrjez (Andrzej) or any such variation of a given name was noted. The closest ones were Adalbertus and Antonius.

It looks like I found no match, but you may want to verify my search or extend the time range and try again.
ZIMMY 6 | 1601
19 Jun 2012 #10
Probably a long shot but since the guy in this link is a gaming reporter, odds are he might be able to do research for you.
1 Mar 2013 #11
My last name is Grohoske, do you have any idea what this means? I know the spelling is different when my great great great grandfather moved from poland to America, but I cant find the original spelling either.
polonius 54 | 420
2 Mar 2013 #12
GROCHOWSKI: typonymic tag from Grochów or Grochowo (Peaville) - a number of villages by this name in Poland.
For more information on where they live, how many are there and which coats of arms accompany the surname please contact me.
Kevin Grohoske
22 Jan 2019 #13
Are there any Grochowski's on the board whose family lived in Gnezno (Poppwo Koscieine) around the 1800's? Looking for family from Valentinus and Anna Grochowski.

Kevin Grohoske (at gmail)
Looker - | 1130
22 Jan 2019 #14
Gnezno (Poppwo Koscieine)

Let me be your Polish editor:
Gniezno (Popowo Kościelne)

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