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Searching for grandfathers relatives-Wilcensky or Wilczewsky

Karmays 1 | 2
9 Mar 2010 #1
Many thanks for anyones help. My grandfather left Poland in 1892-1893. I am not sure
where he departed from. Destination NY,NY. He was born Jan.21 ,1874. He had several
sisters and brothers. All did not leave Poland. I believe a Frank and Anastasia did come
with my grandfather or shortly after. His name in the USA was Paul P. Wilcensky. Our
relatives in another city spell it Wilczewsky. I have searched immigration records and can not find anything. I am positive of his birthdate and that he was 19 when he arrived in the

Thank you so much
marqoz - | 195
9 Mar 2010 #2
Unfortunately, it could be difficult to find something more unless you find in immigration or census records you grandfather's place of birth. Have you tried with They may misspelled it totally, so you probably should search with less strictly name pattern (mask).

In case it was Wilczeński, you have very few persons with such family name in Poland today:ński.html

However with Wilczewski you can find quite a lot:

But both names while are distant enough to be from quite another family - or these differences are production of an immigration officer. In this case information which form is closer to the original would be of great value.

Their names could be spelled in Poland as: Wilczeński, Wilczyński and Wilczewski
OP Karmays 1 | 2
10 Mar 2010 #3
Thank you so much for the help. I have searched immigration records many times.
I will try again with the new spellings. Thanks again. God Bless
marqoz - | 195
11 Mar 2010 #4
I have searched immigration records many times

Try with census records also. Some of them are available on-line.
caprice49 4 | 224
11 Mar 2010 #5
Was his first name Jan (John)?
pawian 171 | 12,383
28 Aug 2019 #6
Wilczyński - Woolfish/Wolfen/ Wolfenstein - surname appealed to me a few decades ago when I was very young - it sounded so awesome in the sense of scary, you know. I appreciated and respected people bearing it. Yes, I even thought of changing my own. Probably it was a result of some complexes which I suffered from then.

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