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searching for family "Wasilewska"

syllysmuk 1 | 1
25 May 2010 #1
I am searching for my mother, Gertruda Wasilewska who was born January 25, 1926 in Torun, Poland. I am told she was married 3 times, but I only have her 2nd name as Gertruda Segal.

My last name, Smuk was from her first husband.
thank you,
Sylvia Smuk
DianneB - | 1
23 Aug 2010 #2
[Moved from]: Looking for Wasilewski Help (Witkow, Lublin), emigrated to Australia


I am looking for some help about tracking down some of my heritage. My uncles name was Igancy Wasilewski and I believe he grew up in Witkow, Lublin. He immigrated to Australia in 1950. Can anyone help me try a find out a bit more about my family. Sorry, do not have many details.

Seanus 15 | 19,706
23 Aug 2010 #3
You might want to see if the football player, Marcin Wasilewski, has a website. He was the player that had his leg broken in rather vicious fashion by a careless idiot. He might be a good bet to ask.
muegre - | 6
23 Jul 2012 #4
Hello! Finally I found someone!
I'm looking for the descendants of Gertruda Segal, nee Wasilewska!!!!!
I know that there was a son called Robert Zarko Smuk
And Sylvia Smuk, born April 10th 1950 in Munich!
Is this you????


Gertruda Wasilewska first married in Gauting, near Munich, Mr. Zarke Smuk. Her second marriage was in Landshut, Bavaria to Eugen Michailenko, her third marriage was in Gauting to Jakob Segal (he was born in Warschau).



Hello again,

Mr. Zarke (or Zarko) Smuk was born 10/24/1926 in Laibach (Ljubljana in Slowenia). He died July 1982 in Baden-W├╝rttemberg (Karlsruhe area). Getruda Segal, nee Wasilewska, born 01/25/1926 in Thorn, doughter of Stanislaw Wasilewski (born 04/30/1901) and Franziska Wasilewska, nee Koczorowska, was living in Munich in 1970 and I found her!

OP syllysmuk 1 | 1
25 Aug 2012 #5
Not sure where you stand in this family search, but thank you for the additional info. Though my understanding was that Gertruda's 2nd husband was Mr. Segal?

Do you have Gertruda's where abouts now. She is in her 80s and would really like to contact her and any of her family members.

thank you kindly,

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