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I am searching for my family name - Zarosiak

Pauline10 1 | 1
11 Aug 2012 #1
My grandfather, Jozeph Zarosiak was baptized in Piekielnik, Poland in 1890. His mother's name was Maria Buk. I hope to find my family in Poland. Can anyone help?
boletus 30 | 1,361
11 Aug 2012 #2
village Piekielnik, municipality (gmina) Czarny Dunajec, Nowy Targ County, Lesser Poland Voivodship (Slovak: Pekelník). The village is near a creek of the same name. The local Roman Catholic parish is St. Jakub's,,172/kancelaria-parafialna/godziny-urzedowania-kancelarii
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The village belonged to Austro-Hungary and Czechoslovakia for some time. It was historically part of Orawa (Orava) District. Before WWII it was part of gmina Podwilk.

Some ancestors in Ellis Island records or other ship manifests from this village have been listed as being from Czechoslovakia. This can be confusing for people who are just beginning to research their family history in this village. Ellis Island records contains the surname BUK from Piekielnik.

Check this thread, devoted to Piekielnik:
Polonius3 994 | 12,380
11 Aug 2012 #3
ZAROŚLAK: from zarośla (undergrowth, bushes, thicket): most likely a toponmyic tag for someone hailing from the villages of Zarośla or Zarośle; or perhaps in some cases a way fo identify soemone locally known to have been born in the bushes.

BUK: beech (tree species); toponymic tag for someone from the village of Buk, Bukowa, Bukowiec or similar; or topographic nick for some living in or near a beech grove.meone
boletus 30 | 1,361
11 Aug 2012 #4

She said Zarosiak, not Zaroślak. :-)

Zarosiak - from rosić (to bedew, to drizzle), to cover with dew, with moisture.
Moi Krewni database lists only five people with this surname in contemporary Poland. But they all are in Nowy Targ county, quite probably in Piekiełko or nearby.

quite probably in Piekiełko

Oops, I meant Piekielnik, not Piekiełko.
OP Pauline10 1 | 1
14 Aug 2012 #6
Thank-you. I appreciate your help.
7 Jul 2014 #7
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lelka3 - | 1
8 Jul 2014 #8
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Lelka - | 1
27 Oct 2014 #9
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